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Frosting – Freezing Audio

Selbsterklärend – fast. Frosting kann einlaufendes Audio oder besser gesagt gerade abgespieltes Audio einfrieren und rückwärts spielen. Das ist ein Performance-Tool, was sehr effektiv auch automatisierbar ist. Die Länge und Dauer lässt sich einstellen, sodass man sehr schnell ein paar Jazzloops umdrehen oder Aphexieren kann. Hier erhältlich..


with Ju-X Frosting there’s no longer saying no to breaks and reverse loops while playing. it takes just any audio and just freezes it for a set amount of time which is and sounds simple and in fact IS simple but it makes performing with at least one button easy and un-bores™ your audio. it helps with BPM and length settings and can easily reverse the output. so technically easy but very useful.

Apple Keynote WWDC 2016 (Developer Conference)

19 – 20:30 – Keynote – after / while it’s running  – I will update this post!

Was bedeutet das für Musiker – nun bisher noch nichts bekannt dazu für uns – es sind einfach mehr Funktionen in macOS & iOS..

the Meaning for musicians – here as soon as possible. and they let the girls talk for demos a lot – but Craig “Hairforce One” did his part as well ;)

Expectation true:
Update of- OS X 10.12 renamed to “macOS Sierra”  &  iOS 10
all ready in autumn.

Sierra runs on macs from late 2009 or newer.
iOS 10 starts with iPhone 5, iPad 2. etc. – so it still supports the slow iPad 2, still which is atm not really fun to use. may not support most of the newer features like continuity (needs BT 4) or split screen – surprising to me! 

tim cook os

what people expect: new Pro series (Mac / Macbook) … flat, with USB-C ports (1-4) and flat design with OLED button strip (replaces F keys) and possibly other things – but thunderbolt 3 built in – 2x as fast as TB 2. 
what I expect:
just the OS – it’s a developers conference! no hardware!

maybe it gets “boring” but.. / wenn es langweilig wird, dann nur weil es eben für Programmier-Nerds ist – Music & iTunes should be updated as well. But itunes will keep complex.


• Updates watchOs (not relevant for music – is faster and a bit more useful – but won’t buy one since … / comes autumn), and AppleTV (not relevant)

–> iOS (relevant), Mac OS (relevant)

• OS X is now macOSmacos sierra

it’s called… macOS SierramacOS sierra 2

more continuity – copy&paste iOS / OS X ..  continuity paste

and deleting caches and stuff and of course iCloud stuff from OS Xsave

here’s the names of the new stuff
and siri of course is on the macOS now.

beta: july – final macOS comes autumn 2017

iOS 10
with wake up by just raising the iPhone/Pad
raise to wakeup ios ios 10
and Siri update.. maybe just US as always.. but open to dev’s
ew push-up menu has player for music and is redesigned.
pushup menu

Siri can now switch automatically between languages as well as typing and grab info form the text while typing ..

Pics can be analysed and grouped – and groups events and important images together and makes a videos from images (!). to me the search of synth pics is nice, hope it works – they say it can find horses – but..

photo analysis siri act on

clever maps to find things and look ahead as well as traffic etc. – well – request a car – but maybe that won’t work in germany as most of the stuff.

Music: they wanna sell things.. they redesigned the music app:

lyrics in it – but doesn’t look easier to nav in a car..
music play music lib lyrics


ell – it has more lists, things recently listened to and stuff – but seems not to be easy enough. well.

but what about music? still nothing in here … we might hear about that later – since MIDI and stuff isn’t what is on top – but will update as soon as …

there is Home – for automation…
nice but US based stuff as they say.  maybe reserved for the rich non-europeans ..

Voice mails get transcripted! cool! detects if it’s spam spoken to you as well.

iMessage has a lot of new stuff, links and hand write and emoji replacement stuff..
and you can play music in iMessage to anyone! ..

and it’s open for dev’s .. just below

imessage dev

and split screen in safari – and some more stuff.. here’s the words and tags..

ios dev features split view safari

“one more thing” – they did an iPad app for learning to code in swift – more focussed on children – will be there in autumn as well – and it’s free.

swift iPad kids

Apple WWDC 2016

Diskussion (deutsch) hier: 13.6. Stream,WWDC Keynote, iOS 9.3.2 für iPad sicher / Neues

Tangle Modular Synth

Tangle ist ein modularer Synth für 20 Pfund – Es gibt komplexere Wellenformen und ein modulares Konzept, was irgendwo zwischen zMors und Audulus liegt.

This affordable modular synth (mac/pc) reminds a bit of zMors and Audulus. It has a large number of waveforms – edit all those modules at the bottom screen – interesting concept and more classic..

emphasis on “FM”.. and simplicity..

Just 12 components, and a canvas to put them on. Hook them up to explore with new combinations and cross-pollinations of FM, AM, subtractive, and comb delay synthesis.

Arturia Synclavier + V Collection reissue incl Synclavier + More

Arturia bringt eine Simulation des bekannten Synclavier mit allen Syntheseformen. Dabei wird die FM zB verschiedene Frequenzen im Stile von additiven Reihen zu finden sein, die jeweils einen Modulator haben und diverse andere Syntheseseform. Man sieht in der Mitte des Demovideos auf deren Site ein Plugin und Arturia Keyboard und …Webclavier vs Synclavier vs ..Es wird mehr sein als damals, weil Rechner heute mehr können…
Das Arturia Synclavier kann etwas mehr als das Original, aber es geht nicht um Sampling, diese Abteilung wird hier nicht abgedeckt, dafür alles erweitert in guter Tradition mit negativen Frequenzen und anderen Zusätzen. Außerdem gibt es neu:
Farfisa, Orgel, Pianoset.

The / Das Original: 16x Multi Timbral, 128 Voice, (1980)
NED Synclavier Digital Synthesizer

full V- Collection: 499€ incl Synclavier etc. – Updates etc. stay tuned. 

Arturia releases a simulation of the legendary Synclavier – note that it has a multitude of synthesis functions like FM with one OP modulating multiple oscs which can work as additive or FM synth and more – you can see a guy with a plugin in the background surrounded by an Arturia keyboard…

guess what will be in – since it’s a lot more a computer can to in 2016 than back then in the 80’s…

this one is a show within theThe Webclavier by Synclavier Digital page which has been posted by NED themselves.
arturia synclavier

webclavier synclavier

look at this – there has been some works by Taymur Streng based on Max/MSP

v collection 5

Synclavier in Max/MSP – Emulation

Taymur arbeitet an einem Synclavier für Max/MSP, was ein wirklich aufwendiges Projekt ist. Es wird sicher noch einige Zeit dauern, zumal man auch die Synthese mehr oder weniger kennen muss. Nur wenige hatten Zugang dazu. Ich habe mal versucht zu beschrieben, wie die wesentlichen Synthesefunktionen arbeiten.

Taymur Streng
is working hard on a Synclavier that works on and with Max/MSP.  This is still “work in progress” since it is a lot of work for just one person.

synclavier max

Seems like the Synclavier had the following concept on FM, please post if you know it better:

there is one OSC that modulates up to 36 “Harmonics” Oscillators. all of these OSCs have their own frequency and that modulating OSC has a ratio. All of them got an extended 6-parameter-envelope. There are 4 layers available.

there is more synthesis functions like 2 versions of resynthesis (the original has one algorithm).  And of course the 36 OSCs are for additive synthesis as well. also there is a simple wavetable concept.

so much for the synth-section (not counting in samples, that are also possible).

UPDATE 2 (5/2016) has improved…

synclavier 2

previous:synclavier tstreng
I had only a short time on a real Synclavier, so just tell me if there’s something to add or correct. Taymur knows a lot – but we would love input (if helpful).

could take a while,…
UPDATE: btw – meanwhile there has been something by NED themselves..

Monique Synth Plugin

Monoplugs Monique – Ein Bass Synthesizer Plugin & Standalone ist monophon und hat einen Sequencer an Bord.

Monique is a monophonic morphing synthesizer with sequencer.

Hier 2 Videos die Morphing zeigen und was man mit den 3 Filtern tun kann:
what morphing can do and things about those 3 filters (and 3 oscillators)..

cute, that is – und das hier ist auch irgendwie niedlich – im Comic Stil

ein paar Presets – skipping through the presets

  • you may test it – the demo can not save patches and doesn’t allow audio exoport.- Getestet werden kann der Synth für unbegrenzte Zeit, jedoch ist Audioexport und abspeichern von Patches nicht möglich.
    Download auf der Monique Seite: Monoplugs Monique – Bass Synth Plugin

Anyware Moodulator (Analog Synth) + 2nd Sense Wiggle (4OP Synth mit 8 LFOs)

Kleiner Voraustest zum SynMag Test

• SynMag 55 enthält einen Test zu diesem Synthesizer und kommt am 1/2.April – wir sind dann auf der Superbooth 16 in Berlin.

und hier ein interessanter Softsynth in der Vorschau:
2nd Sense: Wiggle – Waveshaping Synthesizer – 4 Operatoren Kraftpaket mit aufwendigen 8 LFOs und Sequencer
2nd sense wiggle