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most expensive Apple Macbook Pro: TouchBar / TouchID – “there is no escape” – 27.10.

UPDATE – Macbook Pro 13 & 15″ – Touchbar & Touch ID, 4x USB-C

6.8 mio times faster than the first book ;)bildschirmfoto-2016-10-27-um-20-15-01

the new macbook pro’s – are here. 13% less volume that macbook air  – oops. 2kg 15″ maxbildschirmfoto-2016-10-27-um-20-14-44


interesting stuff with touch bar – sampling – djing–
touchbar tracks 10 fingers!


new small things like TV app on Apple TV, but that’s nothing more than – a directory, hub .. anyway – I don’t own a Tv so..

available now / 2-3 weeks!

now  – the Mac after 25 of Mac (Laptops) – nice one:

13″ & 15″
mbp-15 mbp-13

the new function key OLED strip – TouchBarbildschirmfoto-2016-10-27-um-19-36-12

and touchID is in as well – behind the power button (top right)

word replacement within the strip..

sliders as well for synths and video editing

customize it..touchbar-customize

  • i7 4core – 3.1 gb/s SSD
  • faster gfx – updated.
  • 2 fans
  • 4 speakers
  • there are audio jacks!
  • big touch pad
  • 13″ is still 2core only, 15″ has 4cores.
  • 2x 4K or 1x 5K Display via one USB-C / TB3 Port – the 15″ has 2 TB controllers, the 13″ has only one!
  • LG UltraFine 4K Display – 750€
  • LG UltraFine 5K Display – 1,3k€
  • 2.699,00 € // 3199 Euro – still not cheap and never will.

so it’s 15″ 4core or nothing / the Microsoft way..

4 USB – C  can be these… any of them!
SB-C – you need 25€ per port for USB Type A – there are quite a lot of adapters so you need only “one” cable but – trst me – you need 100€ to be able to get everything to work. and they are really expensive- apple is known for that! so the 4k€ is just without the ability to connect things – nothing has usb-c these days – but might change – since apple computers will be usb-c all the way. so – let’s see..

for plugin-intensive musicians: don’t buy a 13″ Macbook, it has only 2 cores and is quite expensive – makes no sense at all. that one would be 3280€ with decent 1TB SSD, fastest processor – you can step down 120 and another 120€ (2 steps) with speed. but it’s still 3k€ für something that is “usable” in a sense of pro audio – so – the 13″ makes no sense to me since it is half the power of the 15″ for almost the same price.
– video people – 13″ has no dedicated graphics and only one TB controller for 4/5K displays..

it has 3 TB 3 ports.. via USB-Cbildschirmfoto-2016-10-27-um-19-53-50

new speaker system:4-speakers

the 13″ is 2 core..13%22-dual-core-only

fans fans

hey, this looks pro – 1 USB-C feeds a 4k screen (LG in that case – Phil says)- charges the book as well via the same cable – this is cool! that display will be at 1.3k€ – which is ok for a 5k display.1-port-for-4k-display

try this with logic or ableton live..touchslider

ok, here’s a slider – touchpad and touchbar to be used in a DAW or synth – could be super cool. want!!
color-slider slider


the bottom line is –

we did not see any other new Macs – so expect them to silently update to more speed or being skylaked etc. – no changes – but – to me this means more or less death to the Mac Pro and Mac Mini since they are so outdated and rather uninteresting – so the MB/MBPs being the focus, the iMac follows and the rest is .. history?

but – that new MBP seems to be interesting to what software might do with that strip and stuff – here I am more positivly triggered since they also showed off things that are pretty cool like zoom overview – imagine that in our daws, synths and stuff..

well – you need a lot of adapters – we’ll see what will come up next since usb c might be the primary interface – and audio interface makers like RME, MOTU etc. should offer cool things with a little space to add a simple controller behind it or so with usb c – then, some of them only offer TB for macs and USB for windows/PCs – might not be a good idea from now on!

power users will do this:

  • click the 15″ – quadcore – choose 1 or 2TB SSD.
  • not a video user? get the low profile GFX – save money: 120€
  • go to 1TB minimum for SSD (480€ – superbad apple pricing! what
  • makes it really expensive!)
  • processor: well – the fastest one – is 240€ extra.

so the one with all clicked except the 2TB SSD will be 4.039,00 €.
this isn’t for ppl with no money!
and it is horrible to work with less than 1TB – but you “can” ..  would bring you down to 3560€ which is a bunch of money, isn’t it?

how to get it more affordable?
so you could reduce to 3200€ and have a nice machine – but with too less SSD capacity and need to add an external one for SURE if you use libraries and stuff. so the 1TB “step down” processor set with 1GB SSD will be 3680€ – if you don’t have it – Apple is no longer interesting – switch to Windows.

that’s hard!
of course you CAN step down more – but I don’t see any sense in buying a 2core – except if you do not NEED the power.. like just recording and no need for too many synths or .. less power consuming ones – no analog emulations, just some little real digital ones like the Arturia Synclavier (love it) and FM stuff – simple things but not too many of diva, fxpansion synthsquad and roland .. which are the coolest but need power – of course you still can use one or 2 of these without problems, but … well – I’d really be worried if I ever went for a 2core ..
so it’s the money that will dictate how much power you will have – and – musicians aren’t rich – mostly – so .. I assume this might change the apple dominance a bit or .. they / you just keep it with macs but not the fastest one. right?

so – this is a great machine but it may be the most expensive macbook pro ever made – so.. since the price is relevant to us..
I think – good thing to have but – quite unaffordable to most of us – going to the windows camp, then?

3.5k to 4k€ for a decent computer is quite something.
there ARE laptops out there for 1.5k€ – but all running windows – and don’t even

so – it’s basically too expensive – even the simpler ones.
that’s people leaving for sure.



was bisher geschah…

hier wird es ab 19:00 minütliche Updates geben und gegen 21:00 alles zu lesen sein über das, was Apple an neuer Computer Hardware zu bieten hat.

Hier eine kleine Zusammenfassung, was zu erwarten ist – alles nämlich – sie müssen viel nachholen. der jüngste Mac ist noch der iMac – alle anderen sind im Status “don’t buy” weil – veraltet. Besonders der Mac Pro, der Mini und die Pro Serie der Books, auch das Air ist schon betagt.

Diskussion dazu vorher, nachher und jetzt: 27.10. Stream – Neue Macs @ Keynote – no escape!

UPDATES DO ab 19:10 etwa..

what happened so far..

19:00 – Apple Keynote – “hello again” refers to the introduction of the first Mac Classic – it introduced itself with speech – so does Siri on the Mac and that logo is quite Mac Pro’ish – which is that old computer some Pros remember from those times in 2013 – Apple clearly gave multiple fuck you’s to the pro world in many ways – also – we had a hard time with small SSDs and RAM – aaand adapters – lots of those cables, an iPhone without audio outputs – except using that adapter again –

that Macbook will feature a row of OLED Displays as keys, the escape key has gone as well with all the function keys replaced by that strip of freely configurable touch key/display things we heard on many of those mac fan sites – as well as – there will be just 4 USB-C ports and possibly nothing more – they all feature everything – Thunderbolt (3 is expected), Power, Mini Display Port, Audio, USB 3.1 within the C-Connector – which is a reduction – imagine your audio interface on one port, a monitor on another, the power adapter on the next one and the last one is for keyboards, controllers, synths – so it may be hard to choose from – magsafe has gone on the Macbook 12″ – we expect Apple to renew all Macs – since they are all sort of outdated –

the mini had no 4core compared to the 2012 model, and.. the Macbook Air still has no retina display – so they might rethink the whole range and maybe drop the 11″ one  – note that the Air series is much faster than the MB 12″, since it has a real i7 processor and still has vents and 2 USB connectors – it is not THEEE audio machine but the MB12 is rather slow and not made for pro users at all.

ok – here’s the updates which will be updated which the keynote takes place – thursday – 19:00 (euro time)

UPDATES 19:10 (central euro time) – THURSDAY 27.10.:

—> HERE.. <– s.o.o.n.

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macOS 10.21 sierra – does it work? final report. Für Musiker das Richtige, jetzt?

english – scroll down!

Es ist nun installiert, es hat auch einige Zeit gedauert, bis es mal geladen war. Apple hat durch Yosemite sehr viel Skepsis hervor gebracht – kann man macOS 10.21 Sierra (es gibt kein X mehr!) trauen als Musiker?

Ich habe es installiert, mit Logic X und Ableton Live Plugins von Arturia, NI (alles was ich habe), U-He, Softube, Max for Cats und auch Dexed, den kostenlosen DX7 als Plugin ausprobiert. Nach dem Re-Scan von Logic lief schlicht und einfach alles, auch Rolands Plugins.  4.77 GB aus dem Store – gefolgt von einigen weiteren Downloads zusammen mit Safari 10 (vorher schon) und den neuen Stimmen für Siri noch einmal 3GB, die allerdings nicht verloren gehen sondern nur ersetzt werden waren gestern etwas zäh zu laden, aber es klappte. Ja, es gab etwas, was zu tun war – Der Mac wollte ein neues Java installiert haben, damit Max 4 Life funktioniert. Das habe ich getan, danach war alles wie vorher – fließend weiter machen ist kein Problem. Die Installation dauert insgesamt gut 30-40 Minuten (OS und Java).

Es gibt nur einige wenige Programme, die nicht laufen. Das ist primär ein altes kleines Coding-Tool namens Fraise (früher Smultron), was ich oft für verwendet habe. Jetzt muss ich halt Text Wrangler oder Sublime Text 2 verwenden. Die Gelegenheit die SSD aufzuräumen brauchte mir einige GB freien Platz, allerdings mit aktiver Suche. Die Arbeitsgeschwindigkeit ist ähnlich wie vorher. Die Verbesserungen sind eher kosmetisch, auf 2 Rechnern (MBP und iMac) läuft alles wie es soll. Wie iOS 10.01 ist Sierra offenbar recht gefahrlos bei mir gelaufen. NI User werden ggf. ihre alten Kore-Teile zu Grabe tragen, jedoch kenne ich ohnehin niemanden, dem das Teil gute Dienste lieferte, die wurden meist als Audiointerface genutzt und nie angefasst.

Erfahrungen? Umfrage anschauen? Kommentieren: macOS 10.12 Sierra


I did it – updating to macOS 10.21 Sierra – I must say – after re-scanning the plug-ins (Logic X does that every time the OS has been updated) non of my NI, Arturia, U-He, Softube, fxpansion or even Dexed or max for cats got lost, everything worked, but I had to reinstall Java to make Max for Live (Max for Cats Bengal/Oscillot) work again.
So in fact this was a simple and flawless update. I cleaned up my SSD a bit and will do on the MacbookPro soon, since it is there for editing and saving my images and stuff and demoing plugins.

like iOS 10.01 Apple seems to have hit the right button since everything relevant for me as a musician still works, the only loss I got is Fraise/Smultron, a coding text tool which I replaced with text wrangler and sublime text 2.

the performance seems to be a bit different in feel but quite the same as before. I don’t feel bad to be the first – the forum says – they update immediately or wait for months or switch over when they need to – so they got more and more careful since the evil Yosemite – which was the worst update and iOS 7 & 8 that weren’t too cool on older devices. anyway – it all works at it’s best.

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7.9. frustrating Apple Keynote – iPhone 7 (no audio – free adapter) / Watch 2, No Macs.

  • frustrating event for musicians.
    and for those waiting for new Macs – they may have another event for them..
    Watch Series 2 swim proof (water resistant). Series 2
    with 2Core Processor. 60fps video. brighter display. GPS, $370
    old one $260 still buy the old shi’at.

watch 2

guess what? you may take your iPhone to swimming the pool but not listening to music, then? anyway it’s just a show.

  • iPhone 7 / iOS 10
    Musicians: don’t buy or think more than twice especially when mobile!! below is why:
    how do they sell us the audiojack is missing?
    – better cam, multi LED light/flash, processor for images,
    – front cam 7Mpixel, both cams: with optical stabilization
    – water resistant.
    – home button – taptic engine replaces classic mech switch/buttonphone 7 design iphone 7 xiphone7 home tap
  • 7plus: dual cams -12MPixel tele and normal
    1x – 10x with soft zoom
    calculates between both lenses and makes it better via processing. – “the depth effect”
    – better display – more colours – 3D Touch, brighter
    iphone 7plus 2cams
  • talk about audio:
    speakers – 2x louder, better sound
    stereo iphone
    – lightning for audio – no more audio out
    – sorry – it’s bullshit!digital audio. with or without latency? well it’s via lightning so assume it is ok –
    no matter.. they sell special earphones for lightning- but others won’t work sorry. worst idea ever seen!the stereo (new) speakers are ok to have. but no audio out without charging? –
    they put that adapter in (“free”) without POWER supply of the iphone with it – so listening or charging?? you need to decide when listening to something – in cars or on the way.. all wireless (again bullshit) – I had no apple headphones that last longer than some weeks or month. baaaad idea. well – car stereo or PA via audio out adapter won’t allow charging with this adaptor and you may keep an eye on it and with you everywhere you are.
    UPDATE: there is a 3rd party product to charge and listen – but it’s $40 – 2 versions: 2x lightning or lightning and audio.
    well – this adapter can be ordered for 9€ – so it’s cheap for an Apple-cable and is free for those iPhone 7 users – but – it needs to have the DAC in it,  –
    UPDATE: Audio-Adapter Info (german/deutsch)
    it has microphone in, it has a DAC and ADC inside and it’s quality is below the one in the iPhone 6/6s – seems to make more noise – but it works for those who do not need high quality. so it is Consumer – the Pro user won’t gonna love it. 

    I don’t know if it’s “good”..they want to sell their  headphones called airpods.airpods wireless

  • these $159 pods (!!) have an accelerometer – tap it to say something to Siri, starts playing the music when insert correctly – plus J.Ive blah .. well. that’s for the listener, it’s NOT for the musicians – 5h lasting battery – but trust me – they may be gone within month ;)  – it’s sensors detect speech/voice – how they call it.- it’s case is a battery as well – so it will charge when kept in that case – not bad – but maybe ok for consumers. Not ok for musicians.
  • I leave out that Beats Phones, with same tech – since they sound really really awful till now (no trebble in it, just bass, worst I ever listened to).
  • the good one is:
    A10 Processor Fusion, 4core, 64bit, 40 faster than A9 (iphone 6/iPad Pro, Graphics 50% fasterA10 fusion processor
    -> 2
    56GB max, 32GB minimum good decision.
    order iPhone: 16.9.
    iOs 10 – coming on Sept.13th.
    MacOS Sierra: Sept.20th.
    prices – in the EU – more expensive!!  – but they’re keeping the old line for a bit less. not convinced, apple. sorry.
  • iPads – older iPads (Air 2) can be ordered with 256GB as well- now. – so old’ish technology is ok – most of the iPads got cheaper or more RAM for the same price, now – secretly. iPad Mini 4 – also more RAM, now.  No changes on iPad Pro.
  • No Macs – will be another event..

*relevant things will be highlighted.

the rest of it..

tim cook

this will update as soon as it was said at the event.. ;)

now and here – the stream is here.
Diskussion auf Deutsch – hier: 7.9. Apple Keynote

  • intro:
    some talk, funny stuff & singing, supermario-inventor comes and tells things about games and other stuff not relevant for us outside the us & iWork – Collaboration (multi user features), Apple Watch OS 3 – Pokemon go @
  • ending: Sia performs, sounds nice. but more commercial..


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Frosting – Freezing Audio

Selbsterklärend – fast. Frosting kann einlaufendes Audio oder besser gesagt gerade abgespieltes Audio einfrieren und rückwärts spielen. Das ist ein Performance-Tool, was sehr effektiv auch automatisierbar ist. Die Länge und Dauer lässt sich einstellen, sodass man sehr schnell ein paar Jazzloops umdrehen oder Aphexieren kann. Hier erhältlich..


with Ju-X Frosting there’s no longer saying no to breaks and reverse loops while playing. it takes just any audio and just freezes it for a set amount of time which is and sounds simple and in fact IS simple but it makes performing with at least one button easy and un-bores™ your audio. it helps with BPM and length settings and can easily reverse the output. so technically easy but very useful.

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Apple Keynote WWDC 2016 (Developer Conference)

19 – 20:30 – Keynote – after / while it’s running  – I will update this post!

Was bedeutet das für Musiker – nun bisher noch nichts bekannt dazu für uns – es sind einfach mehr Funktionen in macOS & iOS..

the Meaning for musicians – here as soon as possible. and they let the girls talk for demos a lot – but Craig “Hairforce One” did his part as well ;)

Expectation true:
Update of- OS X 10.12 renamed to “macOS Sierra”  &  iOS 10
all ready in autumn.

Sierra runs on macs from late 2009 or newer.
iOS 10 starts with iPhone 5, iPad 2. etc. – so it still supports the slow iPad 2, still which is atm not really fun to use. may not support most of the newer features like continuity (needs BT 4) or split screen – surprising to me! 

tim cook os

what people expect: new Pro series (Mac / Macbook) … flat, with USB-C ports (1-4) and flat design with OLED button strip (replaces F keys) and possibly other things – but thunderbolt 3 built in – 2x as fast as TB 2. 
what I expect:
just the OS – it’s a developers conference! no hardware!

maybe it gets “boring” but.. / wenn es langweilig wird, dann nur weil es eben für Programmier-Nerds ist – Music & iTunes should be updated as well. But itunes will keep complex.


• Updates watchOs (not relevant for music – is faster and a bit more useful – but won’t buy one since … / comes autumn), and AppleTV (not relevant)

–> iOS (relevant), Mac OS (relevant)

• OS X is now macOSmacos sierra

it’s called… macOS SierramacOS sierra 2

more continuity – copy&paste iOS / OS X ..  continuity paste

and deleting caches and stuff and of course iCloud stuff from OS Xsave

here’s the names of the new stuff
and siri of course is on the macOS now.

beta: july – final macOS comes autumn 2017

iOS 10
with wake up by just raising the iPhone/Pad
raise to wakeup ios ios 10
and Siri update.. maybe just US as always.. but open to dev’s
ew push-up menu has player for music and is redesigned.
pushup menu

Siri can now switch automatically between languages as well as typing and grab info form the text while typing ..

Pics can be analysed and grouped – and groups events and important images together and makes a videos from images (!). to me the search of synth pics is nice, hope it works – they say it can find horses – but..

photo analysis siri act on

clever maps to find things and look ahead as well as traffic etc. – well – request a car – but maybe that won’t work in germany as most of the stuff.

Music: they wanna sell things.. they redesigned the music app:

lyrics in it – but doesn’t look easier to nav in a car..
music play music lib lyrics


ell – it has more lists, things recently listened to and stuff – but seems not to be easy enough. well.

but what about music? still nothing in here … we might hear about that later – since MIDI and stuff isn’t what is on top – but will update as soon as …

there is Home – for automation…
nice but US based stuff as they say.  maybe reserved for the rich non-europeans ..

Voice mails get transcripted! cool! detects if it’s spam spoken to you as well.

iMessage has a lot of new stuff, links and hand write and emoji replacement stuff..
and you can play music in iMessage to anyone! ..

and it’s open for dev’s .. just below

imessage dev

and split screen in safari – and some more stuff.. here’s the words and tags..

ios dev features split view safari

“one more thing” – they did an iPad app for learning to code in swift – more focussed on children – will be there in autumn as well – and it’s free.

swift iPad kids

Apple WWDC 2016

Diskussion (deutsch) hier: 13.6. Stream,WWDC Keynote, iOS 9.3.2 für iPad sicher / Neues

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Tangle Modular Synth

Tangle ist ein modularer Synth für 20 Pfund – Es gibt komplexere Wellenformen und ein modulares Konzept, was irgendwo zwischen zMors und Audulus liegt.

This affordable modular synth (mac/pc) reminds a bit of zMors and Audulus. It has a large number of waveforms – edit all those modules at the bottom screen – interesting concept and more classic..

emphasis on “FM”.. and simplicity..

Just 12 components, and a canvas to put them on. Hook them up to explore with new combinations and cross-pollinations of FM, AM, subtractive, and comb delay synthesis.

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