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Moogulator @ Aachen – today 20:00

since WAS temporaly down – here’s the reminder.…
weil die Site gerade temporär defekt WAR, diese Information hier…

Playing a concert in Aachen, NRW at 8:00 PM today at AZ Aachen

-> you can get tickets at the door – es gibt eine Abendkasse!
20:00 doors open
Ticket: 10 Euro
Az Aachen, Vereinsstr. 25, 530165 Aachen

Bunker Noise IIIbunker noise 3 moogulator
Moogulator live @ Aachen 20:00, AZ, Vereinsstr.25

more referring to the set I will be using …

live set 2016 aachen moogulator
live set 2016 aachen moogulator

recent news – aktuell
Moogulator livesets can be seen here..

27.11. Absolute Body Control / Oberhausen

mit/with NovationBassStation 2  & Roland JX03 (Boutique) –
Eric von/of Absolute Body Control..

& guest:
Spherical Disrupted.
MPC, & BassStation 1

related: older Klinik & FLA Image:  -> Klinik / Noise Unit / FLA – Synthspotting.marc verhaeghen + FLA

Noise Unit aka Klinik vs. FLA
netter Kram zu Zeiten deren ersten Albums, EMS SynthiA (megatypisch), 8voice, Minimoog, naaaütrlich TR707, die ganzen typischen Synths und CZ101, Octapad (live viel genutzt), ist das ein K1? FLA haben den damals viel eingesetzt. Die waren in EU gestrandet, weil kein Geld..

Achja – Kawai 100F megaunterschätzt.. meine ich zu sehen, nicht sicher weil man nur das Holz sieht. Klinik verwendeten den auch früher gern mal.
Ist übrigens MV’s Studio, daher nicht so viel Zeug von FLA drin. Atari ST und ab..

Laibach Live – 3/2015 Bochum (Photos)

Laibach @ Zeche Bochum 15.2.

Gearspotting: MS10 (I guess) 2x Macs and Nord Lead 2 and Controller with Macbook possibly something in the Rack (Emu IV) and Microkorg with Macbook.

“Mit unserem Humor ist nicht zu spaßen” ;)
wie immer sehr unterhaltsam, sehr humorvoll mit Ansagen “alle singen ho ho ho – dance please..”

Front 242 + Steril @ Kulttempel Oberhausen 6.12.2014

Just some Images <4U>
I was asking for live images here instead of FB – and some said yes, so they will be here as well

Patrick C. was hard to “shoot” in the dark behind his Roland Juno Di and Ableton – and this is just a simple phone –
behind everything -as always- is Daniel B. who also had a little Korg R3 Synth with Audio connected to his workbench, a digital mixer and eventide stomp box.almost Roland’ish (for quite a while). Btw. they came down with masks as a first impression. Also quite impressive when they aligned at the back line. Ah – I must mention they got rid of FM sounds – even the No Comment stuff “Commando Mix” etc. did not sound anything like FM/DX – which was a major typical element of F242’s music (this tour is marked “vintage”) – maybe it’s that easy: Roland got no FM synth exept the VSynth – and the System 1 which may be too new. but 242 may miss dynamics a lot when they get one but may be easily do all the underviewer and geography stuff in no time)
The second synth is a Gaia for Richard (and Jean Luc) to stop by here and there. good show and very cool after show party by Sandra & Calle Wieners that really did it.
with them was Steril who had the chance to play at full volume which is not always the case – so we have to thank both F242 the guys behind this. Here’s some images.

Front 242



Eine würdige Aftershow-Party folgte nach dem Konzert von Front 242 unnd Steril im Vorprogramm. -> 06.12.2014 Oberhausen, FRONT 242 + STERIL

I just love this (remember telex as well)

Douglas J McCarthy & Cyrus Rex – talking gear

Douglas McCarthy and Cyrus Rex playing and a very detailed gear talk just before that – so I thought that is perfect for anyone who wants to know Nitzer Ebbs secrets of synths – and this performance with modular euro rack in front of (seem like) very selected folks who are interested in synths as well..
this is about the “solo” Douglas & Rex gig musically..

Douglas doesn’t really love DX7’s btw..