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Keluar – Fractures – Indie Synthpop

Keluar’s Fractures has a very analog dynamic some sort of threatening synth part that makes it a bit wave/80’s along with it’s reverb – and a bit rough – and that’s a good roughness if you have some melancholia / darkness in you – and you do, right? ..

love ’em!

Die kann man nur lieben – Synthpop artig aber auch etwas Minimal Wave – dunkel aber nicht für alle gesperrt, die nicht früher mal schwarz rum gelaufen sein müssen (aber können) – Interview mit Keluar in SynMag 46!

check out these tracks / Anspieltipps: Ennoea, Vitreum & …

The Future – Demos 1977 (Human League)

The demos recorded by The Future later known as Human League in 1977, including some recorded at Studio Electrophonique, based in the council house of Ken Patten in Handsworth, Sheffield.


1. Looking For The Black Haired Girls (0:07)

2. Blank Clocks (3:47)

3. Cairo (7:08)

4. Dada Dada Duchamp Vortex (10:17)

5. Daz (15:49)

6. Future Religion (19:30)

7. Pulse Lovers (23:14)

via The Future – Demos 1977 – YouTube.

Martial Canterel’s Liveset

Yesterday Martial Canterel played at Synthestic Beats Festival (with Klinik, Parade Ground, Echo West), he had 2 SH101, Dark Energy and a modular synth – all controlled by a CSQ Sequencer (I think it was a 600) and a KPR Korg Drummachine. Oh, no – it does not accept the landscape mode sensor – as always – this is just iPhone, so don’t expect too much.

More Images of other bands are here.

minimal wave – eine Liste – Esplendor Geometrico & others

Forum • minimal wave – best of!.

classical minimal early electro – richtig Altelectro und auch hier und da sogar noch zu hören in dunkleren Läden..

Allgemeiner – mit EBM und anderem – Massen von Videos Forumsliste hier brauche bands , genre : wave , coldwave/darkwave , ebm