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Elektor Formantand other DIY and modular synthesizer projects

New at / Neues bei Curetronic

There’s a real long images to paste but is almost self explanatory – there are new modules from Curetronic – and looks like they’re all improved – including nice ones like probability, the Stonehenge one looks a lot like a Steiner-Parker Filter. up to 5 LFOs in one Module and a classic 3379 VCF – all in one: most new modules got more in one which is good and decreases needed space – even on the 5U modules (moog sized). so – this is moving on on the path of 100m’isation – which is good. and even if you call it the buchlaism, it’s good to have more than one thing in one module..

Forum • Neues bei Curetronic.

curetronic module

note, that these are maked to be available as DIY only atm.

Curetronic Modular

from germany

Sequencer by Curetronic, 8 Step
info PDF
it consists of 4 Modules:

1) Sequencer itself with 8 Knobs, Reset, ext. and int. Trigger, CV + Gate out (V/Oct, V-trig)
2) extra Module for Mutes and Gate “length”
3) another for LEDs
4) the pulse out module itself.. see pdf

this is a modular system that started as DIY kits first..

there are interesting modules like the steiner parker filter,
a simple step sequencer for triggers, clock divider, VCOs with sync and FM input

and: very cheap (means: GOOD and cheap)..
moog size or formant (german modular system) 5 or 6 HE

you can also order your custom format – they will do it..

even a midi interface with 8 CVs is available..

random noise generator, quad LFO (2 different ones, one CV controlable)

some interesting modules.. check their site..

–> curetronic system on messe 2005

curetronic clock sequencer

Modular System

curetronic modular synthesizer

Doepfer Modular


doepfer modular system
well , need I say something on doepfer? the A100 Modular system has the most modules to offer, some are great, others are “cheap” but ok..

more on this soon..

here in germany it is the cheapest system available and: I do not know about a system that has more modules available than doepfer!

here you can see 2 theremin antennas and the trautonium subharmonic oscillator. the original trautonium was a special instrument played by oskar sala (remember “birds” from mister hitchcock?? that sound came from a trautonium..)

a german product.very interesting modules:

the morph filter from the oberheim xpander can morph through a lot of filter types , can be controlled via CV!

the sampler: is not really just a sampler, its more a wavetable to be scnned through by CV! very cool for us warpers and buffer overload lovers of strange abstract music!

the extreme filter: well, it’s a kind of ms20 filter.. to my ears a bit more evil ;)

sheppard generator: if you have a big system, try the permanent gilssando or permanent infinite openig of a filter.. you need at leat 4 filters, VCOs etc for it..

the older modules do not sound that cool like the moog one , but the newer ones and all vactrol based modules are really interesting and much better in sound compared to the first VCOs and VCFs of the early doepfer A100 series..

Again a Doepfer System,

Doepfer offers a lot of different modules, imo it is a largest variety i know of..
there are also very special modules available like the xpander morphing filter or a sheppard generator to make “neverending permanent effects”.. means: it sounds like an opening filter but it will never sound like: it is opened to the max..
check KH Stockhausen “permanent glissando”, maybe he also used a sheppard generator..

Pic from the Parallel Worlds studio, Greece”:

doepfer modular synthesizer system
pic above: click to enlarge…
doepfer modular system
doepfer modular synthesizer
doepfer on the musikmesse
all with blue LEDs ;) .. showing a new trautonium (oska sala “hitchcock”)…
The Selector along with a biiig Doepfer Monster!
doepfer modular system

thanks again:
Pic from the Parallel Worlds studio, Greece”:

beside the discontinued ms404 there is the the biiig A-100 modular are some recommendations..

to my ears the new VACTROL based modules are cool, the SSM Filter (prophet type sound) sounds good.

the morphing filter is something like a programmable oberheim xpander module, it sounds not as broad as the original but it is much more flexible since there are lots of filter modes in it which can be stepped through (and preprogrammed) step triggers can be fed in externally, the modulation can be put on reso, cutoff, morph etc.. so it is a very flexible good sounding module.

the xtreme filter is very hard and evil, it is said it models the ms20 filter, but to my ears it does not replace the ms20, it (my model at least) sounds much more nasty and more extreme, so it is good for all who still search for NASTY sounds..

the older VCOs: sorry, I really don’t like that sounds, the FM is bad and far from “nice”.. maybe there are ppl who like it.. it is the absolute opposition to wiard, serge or moog..

moog? there is a moog filter avvailable, it sounds thin when resonance is turned up and that is no moog behaviour, I assume those ransistors are not hand selected and do not match that much, it does not even sound tb303’ish (in fact the 303 filter is also a bad moog clone, but a COOL one..) sorry, this is one of the worst modules in the system..

some special doepfer modules:
lower: filter morph, extreme filter,
the sampler with midi, quad AD env
upper: vector VCAs etc.
doepfer modular systemto come back to the positive things: there are very special modules ,that do not have to compete to so many others, eg the WASP filter (it is digital ,such as the original EDP filter, very british) and pan and vector control VCAs (4x) are there.. the envelopes are all good and FAST, doepfer also offers stacked and kind of multisegments: a quad AD ENV with comparators that switch over to the next AD stage when a signal is detected to run the same direction” so it is like coupling 4 ADs to one! also usable as LFOs.

same for a quad ADSR envelopes..

one of the coolest modules is the sampler (incl midi), which can sample 2 samples and scen through it and play segments out of the samples. the “scan” is a bit like a wavetable and can be CV controlled.. very cool for nu skool style of sounds.. adds very well into old fashioned modular synths..

want to listen to a A107 morphing filter sound (short)
a bit like articulating speech with 2 or 3 filters morphing and reso-mod by 8 step sequencer
(D) hier ein A107 morphing Filter Sound
ein bisschen Sprachzeug, für mich ein bisschen wie das
schönste deutsche Schmipfwort, hörst du das auch? ;)

Doepfer MS404
fast LFO up to 5khz. the rest is much like “another 303 clone plus X”
doepfer ms404
ms404 pic thx to mikesonic – click to enlarge..
DoepferDoepfer Synth overview / überblick..

DIY Formant door to the / ein offener:
formant modular synthesizer..

formant synthesizer selbstbau DIY modular

ein offener Formant.. sind Curtis Chips drin! opened formant with curtis chips inside!

if you want it biiig… ;-) ein formant.. bisschen grösser ;-) von aliens project.. ( (now sold away!..above!!) —>

the formant was a project of the german electronics magazine “elektor” and is continued by helm electronics. (Hans-Joachim Helmstedt) in germany.

you can still get the book/ es gibt das Formant buch, besonders auch für einsteiger gut geeignet, die in die elektronikmusik technisch einsteigen wollen: 240 Seiten, Format 25,5 x 18,5 cm, DM 59,00, sFr 53,50, öS 431. ISBN 3-89576-099-4 gibt es auch / also at:

the newer MSS2000 Formant Model is the current project.. on the site you can get some more info, but currently german only.

formant modular synthesizer

Korrekturen zum Formant Modular

mehr info zum formant, den mss2000 und helm elektronik: hier

zu dem thema sei auch jürgen haible und seine kreative site genannt, er hat sogar einen VCS3 nachgebaut: besonders für synthesizer DIY-Freaks.. dazu auch unser (anyware-instruments und ich, der moogulator sowie das forum) forumodular-synthesizer! (nicht auf formant basiert!)

if you need switched trigger and want to midify it: thry to use voltage trigger= 0 v and 8-10V as “sitched” trigger for moog. it works on prodigy and others..

Sequenzer Literatur DIY:
Doepfer/Langer: “MIDI-Analog Sequenzer – Sound der 70er mit moderner Technik”, erschienen im Elektor Verlag, Aachen 1995 ISBN 3-89576-017-X
dieser Sequencer ist nichts anderes als der MAQ16/3 von doepfer zum nachbauen.

mehr über Sequenzer hier

eine sammlung von links zu herstellern elektronischer bauteile:

fertige baugruppen/pc-karten: (kolter-elektronic)

woher die regler und potis?:, rs-components und
natürlich auch conrad (nicht so preisgünstig) und reichelt

neben unseren simplesizer und forumodular-synthesizer zum selbstkostenpreis für alle und den angegebenen gibt es auch hier interessantes modulares und anderes zum basteln bei
” klangmaschine ” matthias:

zum alten formant gibt es eine sehr ausführliche arbeit/doku
von Johannes Vrana hier sicher auch lehrreich: eine bücher:
er empfiehlt diese bücher, besuch doch aber besser seine site!:

Effekte selberbauen – DIY FX
check this:

guitar FX.. also good for synth ;)

über modularsysteme.. generell.. / auch und vor allem für einsteiger..

Dr.Böhm ( Doktor Boehm ) Soundlab Modular Synthesizer

modular system
Dr.Böhm Soundlab 

Dr.Boehm (1960-2006)
Böhm soundlab
<–enlarge pictures Soundlab (click on them)

in 1979 theBöhm Soundlab by Professor Enders (University of Osnabrück, Germany) & Oliver Kellog was released.Böhm is now officially bankrupt -> insolvency in 2006.


uses banana jacks and is quite interesting / flexible.
it provided multi mode filters when HPF,LPF,BPF combinations were still rare.
böhm is a german electronic organ company for DIY kits and other stuffs from minden in germany. biggest competitor was wersi ;)find a nice info about the soundlab in “Synthesizer von Gestern Vol.2” by M.Becker who also released 3 CDs feat. Vintage Synthesizer Tracks .boehm soundlabSoundlab

the Dr.Böhm Soundlab was the only synthesizer by böhm beside the böhm “Dynamic 24” expander with Casio-type of PD synthesis , in this case phase modulation meaning phase distortion which is very close to FM.

the soundlab is quite rare and boehm offered DIY Kits and assemlbled ones.

quite interesting modules were made like 8bit sampling.

boehm soundlabSoundlab


what Böhm did normally – organs
Böhm Synth overview / überblick..böhm top sound ds orgel
Top Sound DS

the non-info
btw: as Consequence / Moogulator I started with a
DIY Organ Kit from Böhm, the Top Sound DS had envelope
(the fx register) for all sounds one env, same with a kind of LFO
for repeat FX and a spring reverb, very 80ies, made in 1979

incl “Böhmat” the Drum Machine of this monster.. drawbars on both keyboards

just in case some1 is interested..

Technosaurus Synthesizer

+ technosaurus
+ spectral audio

more analogue synthesizers from CH (switzerland)
TechnosaurusTechnosaurus Synth overview / überblick..
Technosaurus, Jürg Oldani producer of the well known Modulars also has 2 little machines on the market: the microcon 2 and the cyclodon (a nice little step sequencer) the structure of the cyclodon is this:
12 or 24dB/oct LPF with resonance of course, a simple envelope, an LFO with 2 waveforms (tri/pulse 50% duty cycle), all of them got mod knobs (LFO), there are models with midi and CV/gate control!
quite a lot for this size ;)) one of the highest quality sounds out of this box that is about the size of your hand ;)

swiss made,too

enlarge the picture / vergrössern! –>Effexon / a small FX machine..
it is a ringmodulator and FM mod (one VCO is built in) , EQ (parametric) x2, Overdrive
well, no photo here.. quite rare.. can’t really tell you more than those words on the site.. I think I listened to one on the messe 2003/4.. I’m getting old..

TS Cyclodon Sequencer
technosaurus cyclodon microcon sequencer synth

TS Microcon Synthesizer
technosaurus microcon 2
click image to enlarge..

technosaurus selector modular synthesizerthere are also moog-compatible modules avalable may 2003

fast envelopes, good and hi quality sound.

fm also sounds good on this system. the new modules will also have lin and expo FM! beside the “re-format”

also swiss made.. ;)

deutsche/british.. ANALOGE synthesizer / german distribution german/british and other synths.. vertrieb jomox, vermona, macbeth, mfb / fricke etc..

technosaurus selektor

technosaurus plan to make the modules fit into MOOG cabinets !!
now shown but.. it still SOUNDS!!!..
Here’s another view of the Technosaurus Selector System D along with an ARP2600 on top..

Pic from the Parallel Worlds studio, Greece”:

Technosaurus Selector Synthesizer
The Selector along with a big Doepfer Monster!
doepfer modular system in the middle

technosaurus system on the right..

thx for pic:
Pic from the Parallel Worlds studio, Greece”:

technosaurus doepfer synthesizer

BME Axiom

MODULAR SYNTHESIZER – URLs and DIY links & Stuff..
BME modular synthesizer by Baumann
under “axiom”..AXIOM / BME
ein selteneres deutsches Modularsystem (BME-Modular PM10)…
rare BME-Modular from germany
Der BME wurde seinerzeit von H.-P. Baumann aus Aichach als Baussatz und Fertigmodell angeboten..

das bild zeigt das System PM 10 . Das PM10 enthielt Hybridmodule die H.P.Baumann selbst herstellte. Der Kunde, auch der Bastler, musste nur unkritische Bauteile auf den Platinen montieren und diese verdrahten. Auf die Weise wollte Baumann sicher stellen, dass die hochwertige und sehr präzise abgeglichenen Baugruppen nicht “verkurbelt” werden können. Weil trotz dieser einfachen Bauweise viele nicht klarkamen (vielleicht weil man doch ein Minimum an Know How besitzen muss wenn man sich sowas selbst aufbaut), gab es das nachfolgende System nur noch fertig oder natürlich fertig aufgebaute Module. Dieses war dann das “AXIOM” System zu dem es auch einen analogen Sequenzer mit einmaligen Eigenschaften gab. (z.B. bis 16.000 Steps/Sekunde als Wellenformgenerator und durch einen präzisen Exponentialconverter auch als VCO einsetzbar!
Der ganz große Unterschied zum Formant und anderen (Doepfer, Boehm (soundlab)): Die BME-Modularsysteme wurden mit höchstmöglicher Präszision mit besten Bauteilen aufgebaut und von sehr sorgfältig abgeglichen. H.P.Baumann worin der Sache ein Perfektionist, was einer größere Verbreitung auf dem Markt entgegenstand (lange Lieferzeiten).

Hintergrund: Lutz ist Mitgestalter der BME Maschine er war beteiligt an z.B. ein Hohner Pianet-Clavinet Duo, das BME mit einen vollpolyphonen (!) Synthesizer erweiterte, das Rattlesnake E-Drum/Computer System aus dem dann der Percuter wurde (von Dynachord übernommen), nicht zu vergessen den ganz alten monophonen Synthesizer der ähnlich dem WASP war, nur besser klang und mehr Möglichkeiten hatte.

s eigentlich sollte das AXIOM eine eigene sektion bekommen.. und: dank an lutz, er hat eine noch bessere info dazu hier:
besser hier starten:

BME modular baumann
BME rattlesnake , it’s an exotic drum machine with also very electro sounding beats.. programmable in some way, .beside old fricke / mfb drum boxes..bme rattlesnake drum computer
BMEBME Synth overview / überblick..