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Fairlight with knobs – didn’t sell (those days)

here you’ll find a synth called Qasar M8 made in 1978. never seen that one – and looks like it was to pricey to be released or sold, so the well known computer had to come and it was sooo cheap, remember the price? so – this one must be “§$%& unaffordable.

Deviant Synth – Analogue Heaven is poison. We are the antidote. XD » What came before the Fairlight?.

Hi-End Synthesizer Special – from Synclavier to Fairlight

Das Moogulatorium…the SPECIAL STUFF.. / die BESONDEREN..

Synclavier.. FM Synthesis & more..
the NED Synclavier again..
read the manual “why a synclavier has no midi” ;-)) NED: new england digital.
hi end FM and sampling station, better run it with a mac for editing.. NED Synclavier again.
resynthesis, 12 OP FM, sampling is possible on this machine. you may have heard one @ depeche mode, kraftwerk or other ,even non-electronic-sounding groups/musicians.
NED synclavier
NED synclavier
NEDNED Synth overview / überblick..
Fairlight CMI
this machine was maybe the most expensive (digital) gear in the 80ies.. 0.5secs samples, additive and resynthesis (no, it’s NOT like the k5000 and the cube.. but maybe inspired), after this PCM sampling like in the korg M1 and D50 samples became very popular..
the fairlight was a complete system with sequencer controlled by lightpen, 2x 8″ floppy discs, and midi (not like the midi-less synclavier)..
famous users: vince clark / depeche mode, cabaret voltaire, erdenklang, peter gabriel..

hardware:8 CEM3320 VCF in earlier version
8 SSM2044 VCF in later versions – data eet –

fairlight CMI
Fairlight Series III.. using real big diskettes ;-)
Fairlight CMIFairlight Synth overview / überblick..
DK Synergy Synthesizera digital Synthesizer that could only be programmed via a Kaypro Computer attached to it. The Kaypro was a quite “normal” Computer at that time, today it is very exotic of course..

on top a thomas synth organ crossover synth..
the thomas 1055

dk synergy
dk synergy + moog thomas synth
neuronium resonator
more info click here
NOT to confuse with the hartmann neuron! (See below)

check this page for special systems like symbolic sound kyma , harmann neuron and neuronium resonator here!

neuronium resonator
Symbolic Sound
– Kyma


hartmann neuron QT – movie and info..

Symbolic Sound – Kyma


hartmann neuron synthesizer

Yamaha VL1..
physical modeling Synth.. V2.0 .. you can make very special sounds with this!.. mono- / duophon
the Yamaha VL1 – physical modelling for the masses. still quite rare: there are 3 versions:
-the vl1 – duophonic (has 2 “elements” = sound enignes) or the racked vl1m
-the vl7 – monophonic

the downsized version vl70m or the vl module that can be found in some yamaha mu modules and as a module to slot into their bigger newer workstations.

the vl70m is NOT the same as the vl1/7 series and also sounds “weaker”. and the FX are also downsized.

more yamaha..

yamaha vl1 physical modeling synthesizer
VL1 synthesizer yamaha
want a closeup movie?? willst du einen kleinen “WAVE-Film” sehen?
film1 (movie) film2 (movie2)

want a closeup movie?? willst du einen kleinen “WAVE-Film” sehen?
film1 film2

more on waldorf in the waldorf menu! english german/deutsch


ein programmer für den DX7 von Jellinghaus.. alles Knöpfe ;-)
this is the full knobbed DX7 programmer..(by jellinghaus)
only 25 were made in the mid. 80ies. this one simply sends SysEx Strings via Midi. so one can connect any DX7,TX7 or TF modules of a TX816..

more on yamaha fm synthesizers, dx5,dx7 etc.. here