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Korg makes the ARP Odyssey

korg logo
Korg seems to have officially licensed / teamed with ARP. Ok, that company was sold – so don’t know what the situation is and was – but now – they have an Odyssey for us. This year.

Since the MS20 Mini is selling well, they look like making the classic synths for us, now? Hopefully shrunken as the Mini and with dynamics? ;) (no irony – I love it). Ok, this sounds a lot like fools day – but this is from the Korg Website!
Those keys look a lot like they are Mini as well, which is great (to me at least) – hope for dynamic keys may not look as positive since the MS20 Mini does not respond to velocity – but to duophony – this makes the Odyssey playable like an original so this must be in.

noticed that knob in the filter section? maybe it sets the filter to 12dB/Oct mode? so to say – white face mode without colour change.
t hose artefacts on the OSC section may also be octave switches? whould make it more able to do live concerts. anyway – DAF could play their songs live since most of them being this synth plus drums and a sequencer – the ARP 1k6 – would be nice.

Korg teamed up with David Friend, who established ARP along with Mr.Pearlman (the text says). So – let’s get happy for a new Odyssey – the MS20 took 2 years for development… KORG announces the development of an all new ARP Odyssey synthesizer. | News | KORG.
and – no – not in 2 years but they are ready by September this year!! so it has happened.

–> The Original: ARP Odyssey Analog Synthesizer

Ey, du glaubst es nicht – aber es ist offiziell:
Korg scheint nun den Odyssey nachbauen zu können und wollen, zusammen mit David Friend als Partner. Nach dem Erfolg des MS20 Mini kann man auch erwarten, dass er recht originalgetreu kommen wird, vielleicht etwas kleiner – denn heute möchte man oft nicht so riesige Schiffe mit einer schönen dynamischen kleinen Tastatur vielleicht? Anders als beim Mini soll das Teil schon Im September ’14 kommen. Es ist also bereits passiert.

Forum: neuer ARP Odyssey von KORG

Mr Friend
David Friend

Korg KR mini – Portable Rhythm Machine + Beat Boy

the classic drum machine for “everyone”
Korg KR mini | Portable Rhythm Machine

pattern chaining
real time drumming on those “pads” (small but pads)
built in speaker (!)
foot switch

korg kr mini

3 batteries can power it..
(of course digital) – palm sized

digital – batteriebetrieb – speaker – superklein. lustiges Teil…
es gibt auch schräg bunte Sachen – Krome in 3 Farben und Microkorg in gold (ehm..)


UPDATE: Beat Boy is also MIDIless (as the KR Mini seems to) (->$90)
korg beatboy
does the same job but smaller “to go” and a lot of a better metronome but with a real drum machine inside..Korg Beat Boy | Drum Machine | Recorder | Tuner
it is a guitar tuner, recorder and drum machine in one boy– uhm.- box. and distortion FX in there as well.
so yes, they are not made for us electro-people but…

it’s an ad, so don’t expect much from this ;)

Korg Polysix Mod Kit: Polysex by tubbutec

This adds 4 Pots and 4 switches and adds

– LFO for Pitch Modulation with Polarity and “Position” switch
– Detuning per Voice (Spread) which is more specific than just unison detune controlled by Envelope and LFO. This is for both – Unison and Poly Mode, which changes the Sound each time you trigger a note..

the LFO Source can be the PWM or MG LFO.

-> Polysex

panelonsynth4 half_kit_knobs_small

Forum: 22.8. Berlin, Polysex Präsentation, 19Zoll Stammtisch

the colours of Korg 800DV


Korg 800dv mod

very re-coloured Korg 800DV – the love comes from it’s filters. 2 of them, well – it’s 2 700’s in it.. Based on IC35 like the Original MS20 (Filters) – lots of them are in here..
2x Multi Timbral, 1 Voice, (1975) 
Korg Maxikorg , 800DV Analog Synthesizer
2 OSC, 4 Filter, 1 LFO, 1 EG
subtractive analog synthesis,
44 Keys, CV Gate Ctrl, ~700€ (in 2005)continue / weiter..?

pic: via Facebook

Korg Electribes MX/SX are discontinued – new Electribe 2 in 2015

販売完了製品|KORG INC.. says my beloved Electribes (SX and MX) are officially discontinued? I heard some very vague rumours there might be something coming.

I am not happy to say, that also the Volca series isn’t at all anything like a replacement as well as the Gadget App which are nice but not even close complete – the real thing on tribes was – you could make your music incl samples and had enough tracks to make it work – more is nice – polyphony as well and dynamics as well. but it has been enough (incl myself) to have the chance to play live and jam or just to really play and perform – you CAN perform on a 8 memory Volca, but you got one-4 tracks with 16 steps which is less then not enough for me – 128 steps was hard enough for melodies ..

so – please bring back something black – the dark desirable electribe with some more melodic parts, dynamics not just accent maybe a little bit more synthesis but no less than the ESX – and I will be happy. I have some small improvements for it but it is close to perfect – you might want to leave out those tubes. ;)

UPDATE 2015: the new electribes 2 are here

Die Elektribes sind jetzt auch Geschichte – Vintage..
EMX/ESX im Ausverkauf?
Für mich eher traurig, da sie bekanntlich bei mir eine wichtige Rolle übernehmen. Es ist denkbar, dass Nachfolger in Arbeit sind, denn es gab sehr indirekte Hinweise darauf, dass da was kommen könnte.

— Info:
Korg ElectribeSX1 ESX1 synthesizer

Electribe MX1, EMX1 multi synthesis / groovebox

-> Update/Kommentar 21.5.: Inter sagt per Kommentar- die alten Tribes seien ausverkauft mit SM-Slot, die neuen noch nicht. Dennoch sind bei den Discountern die Tribes verschwunden: genauer – Thomann listet nur noch MX SD für billiger und b-stock und SX ist komplett weg. Das bedeutet Lager räumen, es kommt was Neues oder gar nichts mehr, alles muss raus. und schaut euch um!

Neue Maschine kommt oder Korg lässt die Ära auslaufen und macht alles in kleiner erstmal. Aber es würde passen hier ein Ding für Pros zu bringen, also mehr Pro als die Volca Serie. Also 16 Steps sind etwas wenig und Tracks und ..

jedenfalls reicht das nicht, wird es auch nie. was macht man da?

Update: Neue Electribes gab es dann 2015 und wir haben sie auch getestet in SynMag 48

VINCE CLARKE – Korg MS20 in focus

the classic humour of Vince with the MS20 formed this video for you all to watch, brilliantly layed out.

the white house, japan 2012

via VINCE CLARKE – The Analogue Monologues – Part VIII: The Korg MS20 – YouTube.

Der Vince erzählt was er mit Heiniken gesprochen habe, aber sie verkaufen halt Bier und keine Synthesizer, deshalb hat er seine Pfeile selbst geschnipselt und berichtet wahrheitsgetreu in diesem vincigen aber unterhaltsamen Vinceo – aaaand you pretty cool germans behind the moon – you can learn how to pronounce SYNTH correctly, and it’s a synthesiser, not a synthesizer, you mophos!

some non MS20 content from vinces studio..

Vince Clarke - The Cabin Studio 2012