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Rozzbox / LL electronics give(s) up / Das Ende der Rozzbox

Kilian Leonhardt just told us in the forum he will focus on studying and no more sell synths. it’s not yet finally decided how and what will happen later, but for now there will be no Oddulator or Rozzbox anymore. sad, but true.

Kilian Leonhardt, LL Electronics Gründer und Macher der Rozzbox und des Oddulators gab bekannt, dass es vorerst keine Rozzboxen oder Oddulatoren-Synthesizer zu kaufen geben wird. Das gab er im Forum gerade bekannt. Wenn sein Studium fertig ist, könnte sich das ändern, aber die weiteren Schritte sind noch nicht festgelegt. Schade, war einfach ne sympathische Maschine/Mensch.

Forum Thread dazu: Oddulator wird nicht kommen

LoFi Special – 8Bit to Rozzbox

8bit – sound
nintendo Gameboy ..
there is still a midi cable available.. but don’t ask.. ;)
the little thing on the fizmo is a nintendo gameboy with nanoloop ;)
interesting minimal step sequencer beside LSDJ.. info in the SOFTWARE section..
Commodore SX64
well, call it a “laptop” version of the commodore c64..
with built in 1541 floppy drive and CRT screen..

elektron sidstation
this is the heart of the commodore C64 homecomputer from 1983 – the SID chip, a real analogue synthesizer with 3 voices: ringmodulation, ADSR envelopes, PWM for a real lowfi sound..
the sidstation has some additional features..
eg: “wavetables”.. and 4 controllers.. not cheap! but possible beside the ucapps C64 a nice way to use it as an instrument..

more –—–click to enlarge–>

mehr elektron stuff.. (elektron menu)

commodore sx64 computer 8bit
elektron sidstation - C64 sound synthesizer
elektron sidstation - C64 sound synthesizer
Rozzbox ONE
by L.L.Electronics (Kilian Leonhard)
Rozzbox is a one man small “company”. it all started to make a nice digital synthesizer for about 250€ on microcontrollers/pic – to make it cheap and no need for DSPs or the like..
so the idea was to make “ROZZ” (rotz = german for.. uhm.. dirt..)
todays music lives from the digital imperfection here.. so you can turn up digital dirt in a special section “rozz (rotz!)” and reduces bits and depth of calculating filters / aliasing is, yes.. it is not an 8bit C64 synth, but it was designed for lofi sounds.. in fact the Rozzbox ONE sounds much more hi-ended then one might think of. additional to this there is an analog filter available as an option. it has 3 OSCs feat. digital waves also and an LFO and 2 “mod matrix”-kind of routing sections. the filter is LPF or HPF with resonance, oscs range from 4 to 32″. there is a small display for saving your sounds and there are of course 2 ADSR envelopes.

LL electronics link..

update 2:

– Analog filter (Transistor basiert/transistor based) ist serienmässig / on all new Rozzboxes (V2)
– Envelope-Follower + Audio In (seperate Ins)
– much faster / wesentlich schnellere Hüllkurven / Modulation
– 2 (plus “Global LFO”) statt/instead of 1 LFO
– 4 ModulationsKnoten statt 2 Knoten / 4 mod routings instead of 2
– 9 zusätzliche, feste Modulationswege / 9 more mod routings
– Viel mehr MOD Quellen und Ziele verfügbar / more mod sources
– ziemlich komplexer Sequencer / sequencer
– mehr Rozz / more lofi FX


rozzbox synthesizer
enlarge? click the image!..
rozzbox synthesizer
rozzbox synthesizer
audio here somewhere s.o.o.n
rozzbox synthesizer
rozzbox synthesizer
rozzbox / llLL Synth overview / überblick..