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Moog to end the Little Phatty Synth

they set the Little Phatty to end of line status – maybe in favour of the sub phatty which has knobs – but sounding a bit different – well I still have one and like it’s sound and response (envelope).
so it’s now – Little Phatty built 2006 – 2013


“it’s a statement for Bob – to keep his work alive and right”

so – the Little Phatty will be / is discontinued now.
designing circuitry on another (not so physical/technical) level.

lil’phatty not the best name (sorry that’s true, guys – but it’s a cool synth – maybe rethink the modwheel bound control with racks here.. huh?)

and there are still rumours about a polyphonic moog (not mentioned) – some nice words about Bob Moog, worth listening/hearing of…

some words about the design and background about the little phatty..

and of course – the phatty is sort of a moog source brought into the 2000’s – and the prototype had a “phat” knob.. (now overload, fed back audio from filter back to the mixer)

Moog Voyager Select – end of life?

Moog says they abandon the “select” series of the Voyager, I am not sure if they also abondon the whole series / Voyagers at all “if supplies last that long.”

but it looks a lot like the standard Voyager is still available, so if you’re looking for custom synths, it’s time to get one at this moment.
Moog Minimoog Voyager , RME synthesizer

Forum • Voyager Select Abkündigung (Sammelthread).

Moog Minitaur – a smaller slim Phatty? no, more a Taurus desktop synth

Look what I found, or better what was shown to me (thanks Ole) via this – reduced the synth to the minimum
don’t know if this is “real” or photoshopped, but nice. – seems it’s real 600 USD.
YES this is a new Moog and it’s really neat, smart and small enough.

Here’s an audio (MP3)- all Minitaur except Bassdrum (they say) – in fact it’s more a Taurus than a Little or Slim Phatty, soundwise..

AND IT IS Minitaur Analog Synthesizer, not Minotaur!!

the quote is here:

The Minitaur Analog Synthesizer is a compact table-top monophonic MIDI-and-CV-controllable analog bass synthesizer module with a 100% analog audio signal path, based on the design of the Taurus 3 bass synthesizer.

The front panel features a knob-per-function design, for maximum real-time tweakability. There are no internally stored presets, but presets can be created and managed via MIDI. The MINITAUR has several new features added to the classic Taurus synth engine, including an external audio input, that expand the basic synthesis and sound design capability of the instrument. Minitaur fits right into the computer based music production rig or is easily controlled via MIDI controller.

100% analog audio signal path based on Taurus I and Taurus III synthesizers.
2 Taurus VCOs with variable Glide amount
Sawtooth (original Taurus) or Square waveform selection for both VCOs
External Audio Input
Headphone out
2 Mixer VCAs for setting the level of the VCOs
1 VCF Moog/Taurus-style Ladder Filter w/ VC Resonance
Two Minimoog-style ADSR Envelope generators with the Decay and Release segments controlled by the Decay knob plus a Release On/Off switch
1 MIDI-syncable triangle wave LFO for modulating VCF/VCOs
DIN MIDI In and MIDI over USB out and full MIDI Controllers are in here!

start at 1:43 if you want to HEAR it…

and even better and more detailed from Marc Doty

Moog Slim Phatty – Rack of Moog Little Phatty

As posted prviously, here’s a real image, looks like Moog racked the Little Phatty as well – good Idea –

don’t mention the name is !”$%, but this may be the Volksmoog™ for everybody.

MIDI and USB – and standard analog synth CV’s – this looks a lot like a stage synth. 700€. app.

Update: Moog put up a site now, so it’s official. $850 – to me it looks like a very nice moog product that looks like it could be a very interesting addition to todays musicians world.

Moog Voyager XL – 5 Octave Version with built-in expansion + ribbon controller

“Moog Voyager XL – it’s real (confirmed): September 8th, 2010, “Apparently real – not a Photoshop thing” – Price will be $4995 Official Moog release date given as November 2010. Likely actual ship date is December 2010. there is a ribbon controller! ” says

…” It seems more like a standard Voyager + VX351 + CP251 + MF107 + ribbon controller ”

via Sequencer Synthesizer Forum • Thema anzeigen – Voyager XL.

to jump in here this looks strange for a monophonic synths a bit too large keyboard, but quite “modular” approach for special interest users, but where to put these exept in front of your Buchla playing the LPG “Buchla Bongo” kind of sounds? huh?