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GRP R24 Sequencer (stand alone from the A4 series synthesizer)


they seemed to listen to what I wrote in my review about the GRP A4 Analog Synthesizer  – that sequencer should be available as a stand alone unit – and – they are doing it – the GRP R24 Sequencer
is exactly that but with all jacks and connections needed since you can’t fully access the A4 via voltage control (cv/gate)..

will be able to save all settings to 128 programs and will have USB-MIDI as well as a 4 digit display. 6 directions of playing the sequence in 3×8, 16+8 or 24 steps – also works as a trigger sequencer (switches available)
velocity “track” available.

mehr dazu / more: GRP in Vorbereitung des R24 Sequenzers
Forum: GRP R24 Sequencer

GRP (Paolo Groppioni):  available in autumn / gibt es ab Herbst 2014 

next batch of GRP A4 Synths

in september the next batch of GRP A4 Synths is ready, they even did a little promo video..

it is not sure if this might be the last batch..

the GRP A4 geht in die nächste Runde, es gibt neue und man weiss bei aufwendigen Synthesizern wie diesem nicht, ob das die letzte “Ladung” war. Es ist also jetzt die beste Zeit ja oder nein zu sagen:

inen Test dazu im SynMag gibt es auch: Ausgabe 35

GRP A4 – wilder analoger Synthesizer – doch nicht nur ein “halber” A8?

a looot of audios from the GRM A4 and large review in german about the italian analog synth (not modular but hi-quality synth)
he’s refererring to the “double A4” A8 and tells us, that the A8 has not those FM features the A4 has, also it has better thought routings here and there and is basically well made – more mod sources. the odd things is just because it is not modular – no pitch bend control over the filter and some things don’t trigger right in the sequencers (the 2×8 mode trigger settings are more suitable to the 16step mode) and some other things that are related to the non-modular hard wired routings – nevertheless good sounding synth. I listened and checked out the A8 very deeply in about 1hour years ago, so I can tell you – it’s a hi quality standard – so I am with Theo (who wrote that article) in a lot of cases,… but some things I could imagine differently, just because I do different kind of music. but hey, there’s no perfect synth – but almost analog hell to heaven conversion has been done ;)

Sehr aufwendige Info über den “kleineren” A8 mit sehr vielen Sounddemos.
GRP A4 Synthesizer

via GRP A4 – wilder analoger Synthesizer | GreatSynthesizers.
GRP A4 Synthesizer

Russian Synthesizers + Czech Minimoog

russian polyvoks synth

russiathe CCCP synth section
strange sort of “poly800” type russian Synth.. the
junost 21 and polyvoks
did you know that ataka stands for Attack ;-) ?
(its the last 3 sliders: the Envelope)

ok, the one below is the best know russian synth the polyrock POLYVOKS. it’s sound is nice and quite fat, can be said it is some kind or russian pro one / odyssey ;) but wit hthe worst keyboard ever seen ;) – this one is not a bad sounding cheapo! it is a real good sounding analogue synthesizer, 2 VCOs, 24dB/oct. LPF filter and LFO, quite fat and interesting filter but possibly not for those with too soft ideas in mind ;)some info & audios at bernies site

—> click the polyvoks to enlarge image..–>

the best russian synth to really recommend is the polyvoks, bad keyboard but some sort of a russian pro one.. well.. something like this..

want another cool russian synth names that seem to be cool: altair, the polyvoks of course and aelita.
the polyvoks and altair are sort of russian minimoogs ;)

the aelita is a very powerful synth,, its buttons remind a bit of old TV programme switches..

click pics to enlarge..

Junost 21
Polyvoks by Polyrock
polyrock POLYVOKS
Formanta EMS01
formanta russian synth
formanta russian synth ems01
Aelita – sort of Moogish, fat Sound..
aelita synthesizer
a russian sh101? the Maestro
maestro synthesizer
russia synthesizer industry
the Kirovski Ritm 2
Kirvoski Ritm2 Synthesizer
click to enlarge Ritm-2
not russia but ex eastern block..
CZ – tech answer to the minimoog? it has S/H controls in every section : vca, vcf, vco..
lpf filter and very minimoog design..


antares synthesizer

RSF Synthesizer FRENCH ANALOGUE SYNTHS Special – RSF Kobol / Polykobol

French Synthesizer RSF – FRENCH ANALOGUE SYNTH RSF Kobol / polykobol
the RSF Kobol Expander I and II –

check out more RSF Synths..

RSF Kobol Expander
RSF Kobol Synthesizer

the blackbox (with poly synth sound, but not much more) and the polykobol

French Synthesizers since 1970 by
Ruben & Serge Fernandez
find more infos and pics here

-polykobol: rare 1979 – 8voice, only 30 have been made, 32 mems , hardware: 3×6809, sequencer (8tracks), 2x8voices=16 VCOs, noise, tape recorder for storage on board (!!), LFO, 2 VCOs, LPF 24dB/okt., vca, velocity resp. KB 5oct.,aftertouch,arp’er, polymod section.
-kobol: 200 have been made in 1978, 2 VCOs:triangle, square, saw, pulse:variable sweep, sync, LFO(triangle, square), Glide, VCF LPF 24dB/Oct. with 2 ADS envs, VCA ADS env

the most known RSF KOBOL from 1979 (1000 made) 2 VCOs, sync,Filter 24dB/Oct., noise ,1 voltage processor, LFO, interesting sound: some sort of “hard feeping ARP”.

the successor (200 made) kobol 2 had:Voltage Processor,LFO,Gate Delay, Ring Modulator, Mixer, ADSR env, S/H,Noise (white only), Env Follower, VCA, so its a ring mod while the noise was reduced to just white noiseRSF
rsf kobol keyboard
RSF Kobol Synthesizer
RSF Kobol Synthesizer
RSF Kobol Synthesizer
rsf blackbox and expander
RSF Kobol Synthesizer

Synton Syrinx – the synthesizer from the netherlands

synton syrinx
most are black.. but there are some blue, red, possibly some “lila” ones, too .. and it has a strange controller “mod pad”
300 were made by Synton (Felix Visser, Marc Paping and Bert
Vermeulen) in Holland even keyless expanders in the 90ies.all pictures and sounds thanks to

click to enlarge!! you will not regret it!!..
the filters and filter routings are very special –>

listen to the filter and Osc sound..:
syrinx.mp3 syrinx1.mp3 syrinx2.mp3 syrinx3.mp3 syrinxosc.mp3

and it still can sound different than these demos ;)
it has osc sync (hard and soft) ->> pulse/saw (hard/soft)
the controllers are quite special “plate layers” that can be pressed to mod the pitch of each VCO or both (not when in sync/softsync).
also: you can control VCF or/and the VCA by those 2 “pads”..
also attack and decay of LFO2..(yes there is an ENV for the LFO)
so it is s a double pressure sensitive touch pad
controling other functions: the waveform for
so there is plenty of routing.. anyway there are limtis eg: lfo2 is hard wired to the filter, the 2BPFs can not be CV’ed by the LFO/ADSR mod.(means independly from the main filter mod)
the LFO mod on peak can be inverted (to the LFO mod on cutoff)
so it is a quite flexible unusual synth. it is not THE bass synth, but it can do, of course.. for it’s filter setup is interesting for larynx-like sounds..

the only dutch synth (beside a modular system and solina SE / eminent) is the Synton Syrinx. it is basically a 2 VCO synth with 2 ENVs (adsr type) and (thats THE special for an analogue synth):
3 Filters, they can be routed in 4 different ways (parallel / serial etc..)
synton syrinx synthesizer
synton syrinx synthesizer filter
synton syrinx synthesizer
synton syrinx synthesizer
synton syrinx synthesizer
SyntonSynton Synth overview / überblick..

do you speak “sherman”? SHERMAN FILTERBANK from Belgium

Filter Box Overview

do you speak ‘sherman?
Sherman Filterbank 2

not german, but from belgium! ;)

after the very charismatic filterbank 1..
basically the Sherman Filterbank 2 is a synthesizer without oscillators!
maybe a nice DIY project could make this machine a real charsimatic synthesizer?
maybe add a nice small mfb synth to drive it.. ;)
btw: I have never seen such a good manual with so many examples and really easy!
and: hmm, cute! really.. as cute as the “VCA-man” in the ms20 manual
sherman filterbank
enlarge above image? click the image..!!
FM and AM! “distortion” by overdriving the input!
filter sounds quite rough “british” ms20’ish!.. but it never sounds “bad”. but it CAN SOUND EVIL! ;)
you have 2 independet filters both sweepable from LPF to BPF to HPF! also there is a nice knob for adjusting the filters called anti mix correction.
here you can have non symmetric bpfs ,lpfs and hpfs.. so this makes another “kind” of filter characteristics.. (eg: a hpf that still lets some bass freq. pass through)..

I did a nice drumloop and shermanized it, you hear FM at audio speed (to the end) and some knob turns..
sherman filterbank
you can connct averything to the sherman, there are even 3 midi thru! (makes sense)
all is CC controllabe via midi but you also got the envelope out and trigger in. FM and AM in!
you can control the second AR envelope, too by external
sherman filterbank
enlarge above image Sherman Filterbank 2? click the image..!!

sherman filter bank
see the harmonics knob? here you can set the second filter to be a static harmonics “generator” for you! this make a lot of sense for drumloops and stuff..
ADSR env and an LFO that max range is audio speed! the lfo has some triangular waves

I tested it with a fairly “non phat”-drumloop.. if you set it right, you can beef it up a lot!!!
LISTEN! HEAR!, how it gets more phat (starting with original)..

vlaamse enveloppen!
HÖREN! LISTEN! – sherman audio files (find it in)
im file management system von (of) (sorry sherman, ehm,german server system) hier / here AUDIOFILES
more “audio abuse” of the sherman filters: HIER / HERE

filtered saxophones (sax_OFF_on!) by south marsian authorities pattysplanet

german parameter list:
1. Hi boost/Cut Ore-Equalization
2. SensTrig/Eingang sens.
3. Eingangsempfindlichkeit / distortion
4. Frequenzmodulation (stärke)
5. ENV Trigger (adsr)
6. Attack time/ Env. Follower
7. Decay time ADSR
8. Sustain level ADSR
9. Release time ADSR
10. ADSR ENV mode.
11. ADSR out signal
12. LFO speed
13. LFO mode
14. LFO display
15. Phasen/Antiphasen Intensitätseinstellung des LFO
16. Amplitudenmodulation Intensität
17. AR Trigger
18. Attack Zeit AR
19. filterrouting parallel – seriell
20. Release
21. FX wet mix
22. Effekt enabled
23. shift + Oct./ + Quint.
24. Tracking Normal
25. Tracking gauge
26. cut Frequenz Filter 1
27. ADSR Mod Filter
28. Resonance 1
29.filter type – Tief / Band / Hochpass 1
30. “Anti Mix Korrektur” Filter 1
31.Sync display
32.Filter 2 Harmonics festeinstellungen und free mode
33. cutoff Filter 2
34.ADSR Mod Filter 2
35.Resonance Filter 2
36.filter type Tief/Band/Hochpass Filter
37.”Antimix Korrektur” Filter2
deutscher bericht?

deutsch/british.. ANALOGE synthesizer / german distribution german/british and other synths.. vertrieb jomox, vermona, macbeth, mfb / fricke etc..
sherman is from belgium and have a very good site! check the video!!
of course there was a filterbank 1 – the #2 is the predecessor..!
there is also the limited edition (95 made) quad modular filterbank QMF