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GRP R24 Sequencer (stand alone from the A4 series synthesizer)


they seemed to listen to what I wrote in my review about the GRP A4 Analog Synthesizer  – that sequencer should be available as a stand alone unit – and – they are doing it – the GRP R24 Sequencer
is exactly that but with all jacks and connections needed since you can’t fully access the A4 via voltage control (cv/gate)..

will be able to save all settings to 128 programs and will have USB-MIDI as well as a 4 digit display. 6 directions of playing the sequence in 3×8, 16+8 or 24 steps – also works as a trigger sequencer (switches available)
velocity “track” available.

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GRP (Paolo Groppioni):  available in autumn / gibt es ab Herbst 2014 

next batch of GRP A4 Synths

in september the next batch of GRP A4 Synths is ready, they even did a little promo video..

it is not sure if this might be the last batch..

the GRP A4 geht in die nächste Runde, es gibt neue und man weiss bei aufwendigen Synthesizern wie diesem nicht, ob das die letzte “Ladung” war. Es ist also jetzt die beste Zeit ja oder nein zu sagen:

inen Test dazu im SynMag gibt es auch: Ausgabe 35

GRP A4 – wilder analoger Synthesizer – doch nicht nur ein “halber” A8?

a looot of audios from the GRM A4 and large review in german about the italian analog synth (not modular but hi-quality synth)
he’s refererring to the “double A4” A8 and tells us, that the A8 has not those FM features the A4 has, also it has better thought routings here and there and is basically well made – more mod sources. the odd things is just because it is not modular – no pitch bend control over the filter and some things don’t trigger right in the sequencers (the 2×8 mode trigger settings are more suitable to the 16step mode) and some other things that are related to the non-modular hard wired routings – nevertheless good sounding synth. I listened and checked out the A8 very deeply in about 1hour years ago, so I can tell you – it’s a hi quality standard – so I am with Theo (who wrote that article) in a lot of cases,… but some things I could imagine differently, just because I do different kind of music. but hey, there’s no perfect synth – but almost analog hell to heaven conversion has been done ;)

Sehr aufwendige Info über den “kleineren” A8 mit sehr vielen Sounddemos.
GRP A4 Synthesizer

via GRP A4 – wilder analoger Synthesizer | GreatSynthesizers.
GRP A4 Synthesizer