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Analogue Solutions Tereshkova – Matrixless Vostok?

Analogue Solutions Tereshkova.

Looks like they do not really want the pin matrix anymore, should be cheaper, then – same form and style as the Vostok. About 1810€ (1549 Pound Sterling – excl Vat!!)

INFO LINK: 3 VCOs, 3 LFOs but 2 VCAs


Macbeth Synthesizer

Macbeth m3x + M5 analog synthesizer

MacbethMacbeth Synth overview / überblick..

very flexible and very cool starting point to a modular system.. it looks quite ARP’ish but it is not a clone or something.. it is something new, Ken Macbeth simply likes the design.. it has 2 filters . they also sound different..

its really between them all..
2 LFOs estimated to range to about 20-25Hz..

too slow? well, you got 3 VCOs!! all can mod each other .. very flexible system with lots of pre.routed bidirection mod sliders.. it is LARGE, and you can see what you are doing.. it also has a reverb spring..

shake the system to have industrial noise ;)

this one sounds beautiful. I first listened to it on the music fair in frankfurt 2005..

Video (play with vlc):

another one

the final M5 synthesizer – enlarge? click on it! Macbeth m5 synthesizer modular system
now it has changed: 2 filters – 1 multimode 12dB/oct and 1 24dB/LPF – 2 LFOs , 3 VCOs, Ringmod, 2 ENV (adsr),

reminds a lot of a modern ARP2600 since there is also a spring reverb (!!) . but it ISN’t an ARP and it is NOT designed to sound like one!

the lfos got LAG processors and S&H and all standard waveforms.

the final prics is 2847,33 euro in GBP it is 1995 in the UK, in germany I assume a bit more than above since this is only calculated todays (11.11.2004) GBP->EUR price.
in fact the germany price is 3490,- € !!

anyway it has EVERYTHING you need to start with a modular systems.. the mp3s on site sound quite promising in quality..

no idea how fast the LFOs are.. ;) but the ENVs got 3 level speed switch so maybe there is hope for fast envelopes..

there is a seamless slider for noise (white – pink) and some pre-routed sliders for quite some hard patched “cords”..

MACBETH M5 PROTOnew 3 VCO synthesizer ( or is it synthesiser ?), all ranging 32´ to 2´, all PW/PWM able.
hard sync 1-2,1-3 or 2-1! patchable,so easily make FM sounds here!
including subosc (subosc) per VCO!!

ring mod

2 ADS envelopes

2 LFOs with 3 range switch (so this is perfect for very hi and very low frequencies..

noise gen with “tone” control

lpf first filter 24dB/oct.
and lpf,hpf,bpf “state variable” second filter 12dB/oct

LAG processor (for portamento and “slowing & smoothing things down” ;)

ken says “this sounds like a 1970’s moog..” but I may check it out first.. will come soon (2003)
in germany:

enlarge M5 pic.. herethe newer approch looks much more like an ARP now.. see their site as long it is not out yet…
maybe something like our quadLFO..
2 lfos, 2 filters ,both with multimode: lpf,hpf,hpf

quite “minimoogish” look.. envelopes (2x)..

enlarge pic, click on the image!
m3x and m3x mk2
this quite look like minimoog? but it isn’t a minimoog.. it has it’s own sound..

you have direct access to the routing including mod destinations like FM of other OSCs to make nice FM-type sounds or filter FM is not a problem ;)

cool freq. knobs (endless!) that allow some sort of EMS type VCO freq. tuning. “laboratory”-kind of quasi-“endless” dials!

also soft LFOs are there, so you do NOT need to sacrifice your OSCs for mod purpose. (one lfo)

ENVs: is standard but not as fast as the mini’s.. anyway anough to make nice percussive sounds, but maybe this could be moded someday?..

very nice user interface, and THIS is maybe why the ppl compare it to a minimoog: it’s layout and knobs are at the right position and extended at the right features.the LFOs are all controlled by the digital interface. that could have been knobbed,too (well,one LFO with push buttons, amount knob and destination knob are missing.. but: you do have something like this using the display.. but it takes a bit more time..

anyway this is a really cool machine. the highlight here is def’ly the FM and the OSC knobs!! in combination with the routing.

filters: sound a bit between EMS and moog .. but it is still another type of filter..
did I say it’s LPF?

in germany:

the website disappeared in 2008, so I removed it for not giving evil domain parkers any chance..

the newer M3X mark 2 has more jacks on the front, so consider it is more “modular”..:

filters: now self osc’ing and

seems they have CV in,out,CV CVF in, audio in and trigger in on the front panel now.

like roland you have hi and low level outputs

OSCs impreoved ,too.. and now AC OP amps used instead of DC (thats what their site says..).

OSCs: 3 of them that can be turned by endlesss rotaries like the ems vcs3 (there are no “steps” to help you to find the octaves but has the advantage to adjust them nicely..) any OSC can mod the filter (!!) and you can FM/mod OSCs each of the others or 2 OSCs: eg: vco 3 can mod OSC 2 and osc 1 and 2. osc 2 can mod osc1 or osc 1 and 3!! osc1 can mod osc 2 or osc 2 and 3waveforms: rectangular (different duty cyles on each OSC). tri / saw up and down, osc1 has red noise the OSCs are quite strong.. not as strong as the moogs but “phat” enough to say “wow” ;)

why moog? well it’s been said.. maybe because of the look of the m3x..

the mixer is very nice: one look and you know about it all. noise is there too.. (ext input: no problem)

the M3X filters are far from higher resonances it “thins out” a bit, sounds something between, uuhm, ems and moog?.. thats really only “somewhat close”.. it also has it’s own sound.. the envs are minimoogish small ADS(r)’s: means you need to set the release with the decay knob,too or switch it of (no release) this is for the AMP env. the filter env has always release.

the overall sound is very nice.. the only odd point may be the slow envelopes: 5ms minimum (minimoog: around 1ms) .

btw: you can do a lot with filter fm and the oscs, they are stable enough to do “DX7” sounds with inharmonic spectra etc..this one is a very recommendable machine, there is 1 LFO that can be routed anywhere with 9 waveforms .. but this is the more critical thing: it’s more like programming an old poly 800 or matrix6, you need to set them all using the menu unter the knobs..

the conclusion for me was: nice sound that is brought (“fat” = “phatt”) enough to kick out an ems vc3 (yes ,the osc FM stuff reminded me of the ems!).

the filter is not a moog maybe somewhat “british”.. the truth is: it is another kind of filter sound that is a good alternative to the mentioned synths (ems and moog) it’s more the concept that made me “compare” those..

the M3X at the messe 2003..macbethstudiosystems WEBSITE

deutscher vertrieb (german distribution):

der preis ind deutschland / the price in germany is 1800E

AS – ANALOGUE SYSTEMS – rs integrator / spawn etc.

AS – ANALOGUE SYSTEMS – rs integrator / spawn etc.

ASAS Synth overview / überblick..
RS Integrator by analogue systems – THAT look cool, eh? – these modules are compatible to doepfer (bottom right)!

most of us may only be able to buy the tin on the upper right (peanuts?)

pic thanks to Beerma§ter – Dreamscape Studio
bigger? click on the image!! or get one yourself ;)

deutsche/britische.. ANALOGE synthesizer / german distribution german/british and other synths.. vertrieb jomox, vermona, macbeth, mfb / fricke etc..

they have nice bode shifter modules , much cheaper than the original (hmm, surprising, huh?)

rs integrator analogue systems
enlarge image – just click on it!!
analogue systems
another integrator shown on the musikmesse frankfurt, germany 2003interesting modules for karplus stong synthesis, a proggable and modable delay etc..

rs integrator system by AS mastermind Bob Williams

is quite doepfer compatible

analogue systems synthesizerSpawn

a 2 unit semi modular rack synth! 1 VCO with seamless Waveform mod (tri to pulse..) plus subOSC, filter with nice overdrive and expo and linear VCA , ADSR envelope
patchable, noise gen. synchable oscs..

analogue systems - spawn semi modular synthesizer
click image to enlarge..
analogue systems - spawn semi modular synthesizer
click image to enlarge..
thats different, but uk based, too..
.. the synthesiser section II ..


Synths: Vostok – SEMblanceoberkornphobos red square
analogue systems? you meant bob williams modular systems? go here..

A.Sol.Analogue Solutions Synth overview / überblick..

VOSTOK modular synthesizer
vostok TV – quicktime impression of vostok made by Tom Carpenter (should start now!):
I took that video (who else..on musikmesse 2002 superbooth)
it has a EMS – type mod matrix to be patched with pins (with resistors in it)
has also a wavetable osc (so its 2 VCOs and a wavetable, 2 lfos..)

modular vostok with ms20 filters
click this image to enlarge vostok modular synthesizer, ehm synthesiser to be correct..vostok synthesizerclick this image to enlarge vostok modular synthesizer, ehm synthesiser to be correct..


ms20 filters!!
Midi to CV1+2/gate-converter, 2 VCOs, Wavetable Osc., 8step sequencer, MS20style LP+HP-filter, VCA, AC ring modulator, 2 ADSR-Egs, 2 LFO, S+H, CV/audio-mixer mit Pegel-Anzeige, 484 Matrix patch panel points, Multiplyer und Adapter, 69 Buchsen, 52 Regler, 13 LEDs, 20 Schalter, 2 Displays

8 step sequencer inside,a joystick, S/H,sync,ringmod,too.also has patch(cord)able jacks AND the matrix. but it’s mostly the important parameters that are patchable. very british idea.. not cheap, but interesting, very interesting for ms20 fans..


very close to oberheim SEM module
very smooth and nice and warm sounding , same features as oberheim SEM but FM and some mods added. not cheap but sound quality is high!

the price has been lowered, so it is available at the price of a complete vintage SEM. 700€.

analogue solutions semblance
enlarge? click the image..–>>
analogue solution semblance

oberheim sem? check oberheim .. ;)
audio? yes, but only from the original SEM (synthesizer expander module)
some audio – a bit sick,but you may have an idea of the sound, just to get the idea of the semblance sound it is NOT a semblance because I never had one..:

it really sonically reminds of the SEM’s ..
it’s 12dB/oct filter is like the sems crassfadeable from LPF to HPF via notch. it also has BPF mode. the routing is quite SEM’ish ,too but noise is integrated (the original had noise and S/H only with the sequencer – 2,4,8voice models)

this is of course not for very very new sounds, but for very very GOOD and richt / warm sounds. there are not too many filters and VCOs around sounding like THIS! it is quitre close.. but I did not compare it.. just from the things I remember ;)

we also did a nice modular version modelled after the oberheim SEM .. DIY later “ready to buy” version called SEMtex universal synthesizer module”… in german: es gibt eine weitere Alternative zum Oberheim SEM oder Semblance, das SEMtex von Anyware mit Sync, FM, 2 SubOScs , modular…

red square modular synth..
by analogue solutions!
red square synthesizer by phobos

audio demo by
Dave / Retro Studios BB (David Wuttke <>)

mp3 here.. redsquare.mp3

more mp3s by dave:
redsquareRSVocoda.mp3 (it’s not a vocoder..)

patchable.. with this you can patch your modular synth and use the red squar as an expander. but also use it standalone and patch it..
it sounded quite good, and “british”.. nice resonating filter and 2 VCOs, PWM, ringmod, sync, fast lfo!!
phobos red square synthesizer<– click to see enlarged red square boards..

analogue solutions also do the
oberkorn – now the oberkorn mk2

(it’s a small town, remember depeche mode saying that?)..
it is a classic analogue sequencer: 3 rows, you can set the gate trigger by pushing or pulling the sequencer knobs!!.. cool and simple..
moebius sequencer and oberkorn analog sequencerbelow: moebius.. well nothing to do with analogue solutions..

oberkorn sequencerclick to enlarge OBERKORN

deutsche/britische.. ANALOGE synthesizer / german distribution german/british and other synths.. vertrieb jomox, vermona, macbeth, mfb / fricke etc..

of course in the uk and the us order directly at analogue solutions 2599 euro.

analogue systems? you meant bob williams modular systems? go here..