LEP Leploop Analog Synthesizer step sequencer + 15 new synths added to SynthDB

LEP Leploop Analog Synthesizer step sequencer.

LEP Leploop synthesizer

Analog Synthesizer
LEP Leploop built in 2009
2 VoicesStimmen 2x Multitimbral
Memory / Speicher no  Value / Gebrauchtwert in 2011 was about 350  (-)
OSC Synthesis can do fm subtractive – and of course its nature is analog
Wave Shapes saw square noise
3 OSCsSubOSCs info © sequencer.de
Filter lpf self reso 4 Pole       info © sequencer.de
1 LFOs sine tri square
2 Envelope Generators 2x AR
MIDI, ControlTriggering and playing via NO, 0 Keys responds to Pressure/Velocity? no
Sequencer step sequencer

also added 15 more synths and 5 new manufacturers in the Synth Database: – Elektrokosmos, – EOwave, – Mode Machines, – Schmidt and  M-Audio – aand of course LEP(loop) is new as well.

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