more audio demos + HiRes Images at synth database

added more than 11+7 audio and 2 video demos:
G2, Nemo Sequencer with Nord Modular G2, Blofeld, Xio Synth, Origin, Moog Modular, Kaossilator, Rhodes Chroma, NordWave, System 100, Tenori-On, CS30
UPDATE: VL1, Z1, Prophecy, AX80, Gaia, V-Synth GT, Jupiter 6  added (audio demos).

zu den oben gelisteten Synths habe ich einige Audiodemos in die Datenbank gebaut. Synthesizer A-Z Index Sequencer Groovebox – Drum Machine – digital analog modular synths + software.

Added Hi-res Pics of Multimoog, Fizmo and lots of Rolands (mks, samplers), Emu and esq-m and more..

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