new news system :

now this is the new news system, it’s database controlled and memorizes all changes and some infos on ALL sites, there are 4 categories that makes it easy to focus on what you want to know.. the NEWS system does not search the whole site(s), so please search the sites using the navigation and search engines on the respective sites – especially and will only be searchable in the navigation.

hope you like it..
it also works nice for live dates and new releases etc.

this is the first day of a database controlled beginning on the synth sites, btw.
check the topics or manufacturer links, like before.. they are now listed in english and german (some are bilangual! so please check before you run!) ;)

this system provides RSS feeds, so you can browse it with FIREFOX and SAFARI very nicely .. just like subscribing to a newsletter.. (the orange symbol in firefox lists the topics, the rss link on the bottom triggers the safari RSS-section..)
are there other browsers? no! :)

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