Searching for Images for /SynthDB – please help!

got one of these – photographed by yourself? please help to finally fix ALL missing images in the Synth Database.

I could put a link & credit beside the images. just be sure that is YOUR work..

Hast du ein Bild einer dieser Synthesizer? Ich suche noch danach, also wenn du hast.. Bitte schicken..

added some images already, including the rare Yamaha VP1 Digital Synthesizer (1994)
Yamaha VP1 synthesizer

here’s the list of still missing images..

Roland MKS7
Yamaha CS50m
Yamaha V50
Cwejman S2
Ensoniq SD1/SD2
Akai MPC3000
Yamaha TX16W
Dynacord AddOne/AddTwo/ADS
Korg S3
Korg X5/X5D/X5DR
Ensoniq ZR76/KT76/KT88
Wersi StagePerformerMk1SII/StagePerformerS2Mk2
Arturia MinimoogV
EMS SynthiP
Yamaha QY700/QY70/QY300
Yamaha QY20/QY22
Akai S01/S20
Alesis SR16
Yamaha MU100R/MU90R
Dave Smith Tetr4/Tetra

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