russian , east german and other SYNTHESIZER added to synth DB

4 new manufacturers added to database.. feat.:
-spectral audio, ch and
-AAC (VEB automatisierungsanlagen cottbus, former eastern germany , makers of Tiracon 6V)

VEB Anlagenbau Cottbus Tiracon6V synthesizerVEB Anlagenbau Cottbus Tiracon6

-Russian Polivoks and Alisa (by Luberetski) and
-Kirovski (Ritm 2)
synthesizer + sequencer kirovski

they are all in the old sites but new to the database.. some more to come – neue Hersteller dazugekommen, meist östliche (CCCP,DDR) und der schweizer Hersteller Spectral Audio. Renamed Luberetskiy to Luberetski (the Alisa makers).

some synth added also … (misc)..

LEGEND ADDED about how the DB tells you what a Synthesizer is capable of.. /
LEGENDE DAZUGEKOMMEN als Erklärung zu der Weise, wie Daten hier angezeigt werden

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