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KORG Analog Synthesizer Section - the frist korg synths
800DV , 700, 700s , 770 , 500m Synthesizer
Delta - Sigma - Lambda Synthesizer

- Keio Organs Lab - Keio Lab
most PICs : click image to enlarge!! here:
Korg 800DV / DV800
(univox / maxikorg / K-3)

an early model from 1975
had 2 VCOs , lpf/hpf filter with resonance (not self oscillating set with "bright" switch - 3 positions), simple envelope (AD) but with various switches: sustain / release SWITCHES, so it is a sort of AD(S/R).., it has a nice ringmod - the 800DV consists of 2 channels, so in fact it has 2 filters (per channel), 2 VCOs etc.. but it's called "traveller" instead of cutoff ;)
and again "singing" for sustained sound (release/decay)- so the envelope is "special" ,too but not a full adsr (attack, singing level, mode+range ctrl) .. there was a smaller model called 770, it exaclty one channel of the 800dv.. -->
Korg dv800 Synthesizer
pic by theo bloderer @

it has 2 sub OSC and a ringmod on each channel.. (means one ringmod that uses each channel as input)

wave form changer (!?) and chrous on one waveform.. yes, it is really different, something misses or simply uses different words like expand and traveller (resonance, cutoff hpf + hpf) - good for voice kind of sounds..

Repeat Mode retriggers Env (AD)
for channel a and b same, alternating and holding one of the "voices" etc.. (has a mode switch for it)..

noise: white on one, pink on the other VCO

the DV means dual voice.

more Korg 800DV..
Korg 800DV Synthesizer
Korg 800DV Synthesizer
Korg 800DV Synthesizer
Korg 800DV Synthesizer

interessanter test und sounds zum 800DV von - macher theo bloderer (german).. hier

...closer look at the Korg?

Korg 770 it's basically one channel of the 800DV..
btw: the minikorg is NOT the 770.. it's the 700


more info to come ;)

has 2 filters called traveller (lpf / hpf) and 3 position reso switch (no self resonance of course , called "bright")

ringmod (a cool one)

it's envelope uses "singing" and "percussive" instead of the more common ones.. means AD plus switchable Release..

some Manuals and Schematics stuff about old korgs in english and even more in german can be found here

internally the resonance can be tuned a bit and behind the "chorus" waveform korg has a real PWM mod ready to play.. almost everything on the old korgs is just another name or "reduced" to some other words.. like singing or percussive or sustain for release, that may be because organ manufacturers used sustain as synonym for release.. anyway it is limited in some way.. get one if you love the very old korgs, kitaro, vangelis, maybe human league, old kraftwerk (ok, they are more moog and arp.. to my ears)..

and strange noise sounds ;)

...closer look at the Korg?

Korg 770 Synthesizer
pic by theo bloderer @
Korg 770 Synthesizer
Korg 770 Synthesizer
Korg 770 Synthesizer
Korg 770 pic thanks to aliens project / bernie - click to enlarge!
Korg 700 Minikorg

very nice sound multiple kinds of ringmodulation (not on this model, the left side has a switch .. on some..) - 2 VCF and resonance "switchable" so no slider for reso but a switch ("bright" again). very unique. since the filters are lpf and hpf, the sliders cannot be set to "elimination" settings - it "locks" the other slider for no collision..

there is an S (korg 700s ) model that has the ringmod switch (on top left (here wooden blank panel)).. very cool to have.. since it has only one vco the is another hidden VCO that can be set to one tone or KB tracking with 3 positions for ringmod. (with/without keytrack) and noise (2 settings). yes, it is simple.. there is one simple sine LFO and "repeat" ..

Korg 700s
Korg 700s

Korg 700
Korg 700 Minikorg Synthesizer
this pic thanks to aliens project / bernie

...closer look at the Korg?

Korg Micropreset M500

quite famous synth used in a lot of synthpop tracks of the 70ies and early 80ies..

Korg Micropreset m500
pic thanks to aliens project / bernie

here's one M-500 (another name for the micropreset) by myself
korg p500 micropreset

Korg Synthe-bass

not much in it, but the old filter sound is still great..

simple envelope (2 sliders) and filter "traveller"

korg synthe-bass
Korg Delta

sounds fat, anyway it's one ADSR envelope and one OSC, but it is fat, has a poly section also.
24dB/oct LPF.

below: Lambda.. read on..

korg deltakorg delta
click to enlarge..
here is the Lambda ES50:
it's almost a preset one - string synth (kind of) with 3 OSCs per Key (!!). the bass section has a filter the full poly synth (the rest) has one filter for all but lots of envelopes (per key!).. organ and piano sounds
korg delta
Korg Sigma

the 900
small preset kind of synth..

more in the database..

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