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KORG Digital Synthesizer Section
DSS1 Sampling Synthesizer - DS8 FM Synthesizer
DSM Sampler (Rack DSS1)

- Keio Organs Lab - Keio Lab
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korg DSS1
the first sampler by korg, had 440KB of ram and 48khz sampling rate at 16bit! trust me: this was really a great thing when it was new.. now it is a cool synthesizer based on DCOs that can use 16xmultisamples and a digital delay inside..
a special "draw" mode allows to draw a wave by using the slider as input.. but not exactly for sounddesign ;) anyway: it is special and still very cheap.. the filters are not bad!

the Rack Version is called DSM1 - its about 4 times the RAM size of the DSS1
korg dss1 sampler synthesizer

DSS1 Sampler
an FM synthesizer based on the 4OP chip by yamaha but it "modeled" a standard analogue synth and the parameters could be set as a normal subtractive synthesizer! so this is a very interesting model.. the aim was to make fm programming easier..
korg ds8 fm synthesizer
pic by theo bloderer @

4 Operator FM Synthesizer DS-8

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