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Electrocomp Synthesizer

..real info coming soon.. enjoy pics till then:

EML EML Synth overview / überblick..
EML Electrocomp 400 + 401

an "expander" with 2 VCOs
Attack and Release are CV-able!

flexible filter

EML 400 Synthesizer
EML Electrocomp 200 + 300 controller

EML Electrocomp 300
kind of sequencer but "pocket calculator" style keys..
with 1 VCO

EML 200
incl Sample & Hold and Ring Modulation
Spring Reverb like the ARP
2 VCOs
Hi/Lowpass Filter
EML 200 Synthesizer
EML 200 electrocomp Synthesizer
EML Electrocomp 101
1000 made.

1972, this was a really cool sales rate!
has multi mode filter with LPF,HPF,BPF
2 x ADS Envelope
4 Oscs (!) up to 5 Waveforms

EML 101 electrocomp Synthesizer
EML Electrocomp 500

2 VCOs: saw and square
sample & hold
noise gen
ADS envelope gen.

EML 500 electrocomp Synthesizer
Poly Box and SynKey a small 1 octave box and a little "keyboard synth" range under the SynKey name .. no pics available.. (so far)..

both polyphonic or "sort of" poly synths.., well the poly box is very simple, a bit like the black box from rsf.