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analogue systems?
you meant bob williams modular systems?

Analogue Solutions

EMS - electronic music studio
WASP Deluxe
see below, this is a WASP with real Keyboard and Wooden Panels, it is much larger thant the original, so it could be used by Stevie Wonder, surely..

it is great! feels cool!!

3 Full SIZE Octaves

and here is how it compares to the standard wasp synthesiser.. well, when I was 18 (or so) I saw a guy playing J.M Jarre music on Leicester Square.. I did not ask him for the price.. today you can consider those wasp users rich people ;)

well, and it is made be Chris Huggett, who also did the Akai Sampler Line (with EMS - David Cockerell, the "bigger" tech head on the akai stuff..) and the OSCar (see below)..

EDP Wasp Deluxe Synthesiser
EDP Spider  sequencer

Electronic Dream Plant
the WASP (1978), the GNAT synths with funny black-yellow design from the UK. a lot of digital cicuitry for that time (again) by chris huggett, who also did the OSCar..

there are even MIDI kits for it, but this machine is EXPENSIVE today..

the filter is a 12dB/oct. made of digital inverters "working as OP amps" that are the cause for its very special sound. as said 12dB/oct
multimode filters and an LFO (here it is a "modulation OSC") , the filter is one of the first ones that are made of digital parts.. sounds very special , btw.. clones are being made by doepfer (A124) and others for modular systems..

the spider is sequencer with special jacks to connect to the wasp, and no, it's not compatible to anything ;)

gnat is a smaller version of the WASP, it is only one OSCed and a real minimal synth.. rare.

there is a connection from wasp /EDP to the earlier EMS , mr. David Cockrells fingers on this one, too? no - imo its only the fact ,that they were both UK based.. red on about huggetts later (1983) synth, the OSCar.. and they worked together on akai samplers..

gate pulse out: 'S-Trig' (like moog and some korgs)
and 9V GROUND to positive.

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EDP Wasp electronic dream plant
click these to enlarge: EDP WASP SYNTHESISER:
EDP Wasp electronic dream plant
EDP Wasp electronic dream plant
click above pics to enlarge WASP

the Gnat,

a small one-OSCed Version of the Wasp and a LPF Filter

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EDP Gnat Synthesiser
the Spider - a Sequencer for Gnat and Wasp
it's the one in the foreground on the picture of the EDP family, ok.. the gnat can only be considered to be there..

it's a DIN type of jack used for connection wasp-spider..

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EDP Spider  sequencer
EDP EDP Synth overview / überblick..
Oxford Synthesiser Company OSCar (1983)

another fine synth (beside the WASP by EDP (electronic dream planet)

from Chris Huggett (see above about his other project EDP and his teaming up with EMS-David Cockerell)
(imo he's the one who is also responsible for EDP) It had additive synthesized waveforms as waveforms, interesting very "british" sounding rough filters with separation and drive! (sep sets the BPF bandwidth)

this is the first and last synth by OSC 1982. 2 ENVS (adsr) and 1 LFO. also nice PW control. but very cryptic interface and look.. 2 filters, routable to model a 24dB/oct filter, both filters are multimode: lpf,hpf,bpf

the oscs are special digital ones thaat can hold up to 24 waveforms where 5 can be edited in a kind off additive way.. there is a sequencer in it ,too (24 sequences storable) later software versions made those editable, but see them as (almost) preset ones.

"duophonic" via the sequencer, so this is what it has in common with the arp odyssey and the roland sh7

btw: there is a software out emulating the OSCar from g media, but I don't own it.. only seen the demo.

huggett later worked for akai (the s1000), strange, but ..

the Advanced Sound Generator ASG was planned but imho it was never made, sort of rack version of an advanced OScar.. about 1000 Oscars have been made..

OSC oscar
OSCar synthesizer ehm, synthesiser

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1000-2000 were made of these - "Father" Chris Huggett later worked for akai (strange,huh?)..
OSC oscar synthesiser

OSC oscar synthesiser

OSC OSC Synth overview / überblick..

has an interesting control Joytick with built in potentiometer..

also: sensor keys in the middle with phaser, filter etc. control (enable/disable)

only 10 Lords made..

2 VCOs (2-32')
ADSR env VCA + Filter

by Jeremy Lord 1977

skywave lord synthesiser
skywave lord synthesiser
Lord Lord Synth overview / überblick..
EMS ems - electronic music studio:
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more british ones.. Macbeth has another own section,

AS - analogue systems? you meant bob williams modular systems?

Analogue Solutions