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... synthesizer Future Retro - 777 - moebius sequencer etc.

FR Future Retro Synth overview / überblick..
future retro revolution: a TB303 kind of ROUND synth with fat bass synth quite close to the TB303 (roland) plus sequencer, an advanced one ..

also there are FX like chorus, flanger ,delay and room with 2 mix knobs (L/R), not much added to the tb303 parameter set.. so the big new thing here is the sequencer and midi! cv+ MIDI controlled..
Future Retro Revolution <--Revolution thx for pic to Kaneda

the FUTURE RETRO 777 - now really retro - discontinued since 2003.
moebius sequencer: the 777 sequencer as a separate machine, for midi and CV.

the newer revolution is a round tb303-style synth with sequencer..
no more or less, it's a discus like shape.. not much boyond a roland tb303 but no less either.. ;)

future retro 777 synthesizer
moebius sequencer and oberkorn analog sequencer
below: the moebius, mid: the oberkorn.. sends out CV analogue voltage!! same is in the 777: click the image to enlarge!!

german: deutsch: der oberkorn ist ein normaler analoger sequencer,der einfach die potis abfragt ,der reihe nach.. und spannungen ausgibt, der moebius macht dasselbe aber generiert das ganze digtial und arbeitet auch mit midi. ist in der bedienung ähnlich dem sq16, etwas statisch,aber nicht unbedingt schlecht, kann patterns "chainen" also eine kette in realtime abspielen nach simplem antippen..

the moebius - here's the sequencer with MIDI and CV outs,
a bit like the 777's sequencer..
moebius sequencer
enlarge this? click it!

MOEBIUS you have hz/okt, v/oct., neg/pos slope trigger gate and accent out, so it is an interesting machine.. still..

thanks to alexF for great future retro 777 photos!!
I assume the pictures speak for themselves.. note: the 3-7 pole switch!
it has 2 VCOs (rectangular to saw - seamless!) plus 2 Suboscs (means: pulse wave 1 oct below the main osc) & noise
3 or 7 pole filters (LPF)
special distortion modes (2x)
filter FM & osc FM (!!)
find 2 sections below the OSCs: wave a and b ;) guess,what that means ;)

future retro 777
click pics to enlarge...
future retro 777
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the machine is monophonic and for its integrated moebius sequencer it has some special features like accentuation of course..
future retro 777 synthesizer
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future retro 777 synthesizer