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RSF RSF Synth overview / überblick..
French Synthesizer RSF
the RSF Kobol Expander I and II

the blackbox (with poly synth sound, but not much more) and the polykobol

French Synthesizers since 1970 by
Ruben & Serge Fernandez
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-polykobol: rare 1979 - 8voice, only 30 have been made, 32 mems , hardware: 3x6809, sequencer (8tracks), 2x8voices=16 VCOs, noise, tape recorder for storage on board (!!), LFO, 2 VCOs, LPF 24dB/okt., vca, velocity resp. KB 5oct.,aftertouch,arp'er, polymod section.
-kobol: 200 have been made in 1978, 2 VCOs:triangle, square, saw, pulse:variable sweep, sync, LFO(triangle, square), Glide, VCF LPF 24dB/Oct. with 2 ADS envs, VCA ADS env

the most known RSF KOBOL from 1979 (1000 made) 2 VCOs, sync,Filter 24dB/Oct., noise ,1 voltage processor, LFO, interesting sound: some sort of "hard feeping ARP".
the successor (200 made) kobol 2 had:Voltage Processor,LFO,Gate Delay, Ring Modulator, Mixer, ADSR env, S/H,Noise (white only), Env Follower, VCA, so its a ring mod while the noise was reduced to just white noise.

RSF Kobol Expander
RSF Kobol Synthesizer
rsf kobol keyboard
RSF Kobol Synthesizer
RSF Kobol Synthesizer
RSF Kobol Synthesizer
rsf blackbox and expander
RSF Kobol Synthesizer