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c b.low for more :-)bahn sage synthesizer

knob panel sage
sage layout
BTW: the whole Sage project is/was just a test.. the creator is: ElhardtNOSPAM AT
I really love(d) the way he introduced this Synth.. there have been sound demos (of course not real, too) and it looks.. WHAAAA.. after all he said there wasn't interest!!! well I believe: he didn't really checked it.. atm it is only a file in a Mac... and I do not think this would have worked.. but I would buy one if it does... the URL disappeared 2005...

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Bahn Sage Synthesizer
..nur Andy der Borg weis vielleicht mehr?
Resynthese, Granularsynthese, 4 OSCs, LFOs, Formant filter, etc.. ;)