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FAST LFOs - FAST ENVELOPES (scroll down)
- "the fast synthesizer list" providing really fast LFOs and ENVs
- all Synthesizers that have LFOs that go beyond those sloooowww boring 30Hz. where does "fast" start? well at audio speed (40-50Hz min.) well, in fact it is better to talk about modulation generators .. or even better about Oscillatores that can be used for modulation.. these days..
- alle synthesizer mit schnellen LFOs und hüllkurven (weiter unten) oberhalb 40Hz/ im audiobereich ;) - übrigens: eigentlich ist es besser von Modulationsoszillatoren zu reden,

1) fast LFO-Synthesizers ( better talk about Modulations Oscillators):

basics behind really fast envelopes could be: exponential VCAs and different slopes in the ENV stages - my definition for fast envelopes is: it's around 1msecs

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