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    Modular Synthesizer

Macbeth M5 synthesizer
M5 modular system
Macbeth M5
built in 2005 - (note this is NOT for sale)

1 Voices / Stimmen 1x Multitimbral
Memory / Speicher no
Value used / Gebrauchtwert 3400 € (-)
Tech fm filterFM ring pwm sync
modular analog hybrid tech no
Waves saw pulse tri noise colour
3 OSCs - info © moogulator for
2 Filter lpf hpf bpf self reso 2-4 Pole
2 LFOs tri saw square
2 ENVs 2x ADSR
Ctrl/Trig midi
0 Keys repond to AT/VEL velocity aftertouch
Arpeggiator no Sequencer no

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quite ARPish look but different in concept and sound: prepatched routings that can also re-arranged by the user, so this is more than "semi modular" synth, it has 2 filters and almost everything you need for a modular system  info
Zwar im ARP-Look aber klanglich eigentständig: Der M5 ist ein Großer! Das Konzept ist: Vorgepatcht und durch Klinkenkabel überbrückbar "semimodular" wäre da untertrieben. 2 filter und schon bei entstehung ein überzeugender Klang. Ken MacBeth ist eine one-man-show , die Qualität des Systems ist sicherlich viel weiter im Vordergrund als Massen.
Tec 2 filters - 1 multimode 12dB/oct and 1 24dB/LPF - 2 LFOs , 3 VCOs, Ringmod, 2 ENV (adsr), reminds a lot of a modern ARP2600 since there is also a spring reverb (!!) . but it ISN't an ARP and it is NOT designed to sound like one! the lfos got LAG processors and S&H and all standard waveforms. the final prics is 2847,33 euro in GBP it is 1995 in the UK, in germany I assume a bit more than above since this is only calculated todays (11.11.2004) GBP->EUR price. in fact the germany price is 3490,- € !! anywaya modular system with all this as modulles will not be much cheaper and bigger in size.. anyway it has EVERYTHING you need to start with a modular systems.. the mp3s on site sound quite promising in quality.. no idea how fast the LFOs are.. ;) but the ENVs got 3 level speed switch so maybe there is hope for fast envelopes.. there is a seamless slider for noise (white - pink) and some pre-routed sliders for quite some hard patched "cords".. very flexible and very cool starting point to a modular system.. it looks quite ARP'ish but it is not a clone or something.. it is something new, Ken Macbeth simply likes the design.. it has 2 filters . they also sound different.. its really between them all.. 2 LFOs estimated to range to about 20-25Hz.. too slow? well, you got 3 VCOs!! all can mod each other .. very flexible system with lots of pre.routed bidirection mod sliders.. it is LARGE, and you can see what you are doing.. it also has a reverb spring.. shake the system to have industrial noise. S+H and LAG in here, too (!). no problem for FM and filter FM.  Tec bidirektionales Modulationskonzept und 2 Filter: ein LPF 24dB/oct LPF und ein Multimodefilter mit 12 dB/oct, Hallspirale und 3 VCOs, die FM tauglich sind, dazu 2 LFOs mit etwa 25Hz max. freq. Ringmodulation und ein Stable-Unstable Regler ist auch mit an Bord. Noise ist stufenlos , icht einfach "white oder pink". Sample + Hold Schaltung und LAGs sind mit an Bord. Also ein Luxusschiff der obersten Klasse, der Preis mag hoch erscheinen, aber ein System mit dieser Ausstattung in Modular dürfte kaum viel billiger sein und so kompakt.
Use Effects (based on FM) plus Leads and Basses, everything.. Use Effekte und komplexere Klänge, Leads und Bässe, ALLES..

Macbeth M5 audiofile Macbeth M5 synthesizer
Macbeth M5Macbeth M5
Video (play with vlc):

Macbeth M5 audiofile Macbeth M5 synthesizer
Macbeth M5Macbeth M5
another Video (play with vlc):

M5N Macbeth M5N synthesizer
Macbeth M5NM5N
Whitefaced M5 = M5N, first shown on Musikmesse 2007/3Weiss, sonst M5

Macbeth M5 Macbeth M5 Proto synthesizer
Macbeth M5 ProtoMacbeth M5

new 3 VCO synthesizer ( or is it synthesiser ?), all ranging 32´ to 2´, all PW/PWM able.
hard sync 1-2,1-3 or 2-1! patchable,so easily make FM sounds here!
including subosc (subosc) per VCO!!

ring mod

2 ADS envelopes

2 LFOs with 3 range switch (so this is perfect for very hi and very low frequencies..

noise gen with "tone" control

lpf first filter 24dB/oct.
and lpf,hpf,bpf "state variable" second filter 12dB/oct

LAG processor (for portamento and "slowing & smoothing things down" ;)

ken says "this sounds like a 1970's moog.." but I may check it out first.. will come soon (2003)

in germany:
M5 Prototype

MacBeth M5 audiofile M5 Audio synthesizer
M5 AudioMacBeth M5
Aliens Project - Toy of the Month AudioAliens Project - Toy of the Month Audio

SYNTH AREA B: there's more / noch mehr zum Macbeth M5 

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