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  1. delete my account please

  2. Summa

    Summa hate is always foolish…and love, is always wise...

    Was ist denn passiert?
  3. Mr. Roboto

    Mr. Roboto positiv eingestellt

    I would recommend to send the cancellation request as a PM to the admin instead of posting it.
  4. XCenter

    XCenter Stimmungsmacher

    Self-Promotion ohne Wert, wenn ich mir seine Postings so ansehe. :roll:
  5. Summa

    Summa hate is always foolish…and love, is always wise...

    Haette ja 'ne versteckte Empoerung auf Grund der Podcast Diskussion sein koennen, seine Musik geht (afair) ja auch eher in die Ambient/Berliner Schule Richtung...
  6. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

  7. Summa

    Summa hate is always foolish…and love, is always wise...

    Naja, es gibt Sachen die mir mehr auf den Sack gehen...

  8. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Lieber Onkel Summa,

    das ist bekanntlich eines der vielen Paralleluniversen. Die Tür zum Betreten dieser steht nur ausgewählten Menschen zu Verfügung, und ich muss gestehen, dass ich immer wieder ohnmächtig vor Glück bin, dieses Andere erfahren zu dürfen. Ich oszilliere.

    Gruß, Kamerad Elektro


  9. Moogulator

    Moogulator Admin

    please send a PN if you want to be deleted, for a lot of reasons always just send a simple message, I will ask "are you sure" (as always) and then it's done. please excuse that (for some reasons), but you can Email or PN any time and I obey.

    yours Dalek Admin.
  10. Anonymous

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    Ich meinte den youtube-Beitrag, den Stromfreund Summa erwähnte.
    Das Forum natürlich auch ganz wunderbar.
  11. Moogulator

    Moogulator Admin

    Ähh, ja. Ok. Fettnapf taken ;-)
    Voll schööön.
  12. tomcat

    tomcat -

    Sorry i see this "delete my account" postings from time to time in every forum. What type of kindergarten is this. Just leave the forum and your past behind and finish. But no ... these users like to punish all other users with the removal of their stuff .. so discussions become unreadable and so on.

    In fact, thanks to Backwardsmachine and other internet tools nobody can be deleted completely (if this is good or not is not the point here).

    So in my opinion, if a user is pissed about a forum he can just leave. Finish. No more kindergarden like "buhuu please delete..."

    just my 2 cents
  13. Moogulator

    Moogulator Admin

    ome just post here because it is harder to understand in NL or ES or SK etc.. possibly, so please respect if some1 just asking for a "how to", it's not always a well planned theatre show! in this case I am quite sure. so now you know: arx' me - I obey!! ;-)

    c u somewhere..

    and it's true: you always seed your stuff and it will possibly remain, but I see nothing too bad about unless you really dislike this forum and just want to get away from it - it's all possible. I can tell you the Google Cash lasts for 18 month at least. so if you are aware of the things you CAN almost let go and do the right things and some relations will be deleted within the search engines. they do not save the whole forum content on as well.
    nothing lasts forever, but artefacts remain here and there.

    just send me a message - I will do everything you want..