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  1. From

    From .

    Hi all

    You migh be interested in this:

    If you like Kraftwerk, Logic system etc you might like this.
    Hope it´s ok to post this here, if not just move it

    Kind regards/From
  2. verstaerker

    verstaerker |||||

    sehr angenehme Musik!
  3. Hey, I like that. :)

    Is that you, From ? Just thinking you might get problems with sticking to that bandname. :?:
  4. XeroX

    XeroX ..

    nice sound dude !

  5. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    As i already wrote on myspace: This is the best Kraftwerk-Music Kraftwerk never did ... too funny that this comes from sweden ;-)
  6. stahlblau

    stahlblau ...

    Wow!!! Finest electro!!!

    Good work
  7. From

    From .

    Sehr danke schön

    I gotta hang out here more.. :D Really thank you for all the kind words.

    Reg. the name, yes it might be a problem in he future, it would hurt to change the name since it´s so good.

  8. Moogulator

    Moogulator Admin

    don't worry, banking is a hard job these days after finance-flu and pig-bank scandals ;-)
  9. moognase

    moognase .....

    Very nice!

  10. weinglas

    weinglas Tube-Noise-Maker

    Hi From,

    i am very impressed. I like it!

  11. Pedos

    Pedos .

    Hi Form, sounds great...finally, a german bank with really good point of view...!:D

  12. Deusi

    Deusi Ja was denn eigentlich?

  13. Dimi

    Dimi .

    This is absolutely nice! :weich:
  14. From

    From .

    Again, thanks for all the kind words, it´s very inspiring. I´m gonna write 2 more songs before i´ll start "producing" and hopefully will have an album done by the end of the summer.

    The question is if a CD-album is really relevant anymore? I´m doing this for my own first of all and i know there´s no money to be made, but just putting the songs out on iTunes and Spotify and such, doesn´t really feel fulfilling.
    What do you think, would you spend the extra money on a CD or just put the songs out on itunes etc?
  15. Moogulator

    Moogulator Admin

    2day? Well, making CDs is almost retro these days, the rest is downloading it all for free from any russian server.

    In case you are well known, some of them buy CDs. But only if you can show it to some1: Thats the new album of..