Harlem Nights - Sylvester (80s synth clubstyle)

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  1. New track in old style :D

    Drums: Oberheim DMX (Electribe SX sampler)
    Bass: SCI Pro One, Roland Juno 106
    Chords: Korg Polysix, Juno 106
    Brass: Sequential Prophet VS
    Vocal: Sylvester James (sampled from 'Mighty Real')

    Link to my EP "Watch me Dance" @ iTunes: http://goo.gl/6MxFN

    BTW I'm recording tracks with Paul Parker at the moment.. More Patrick Cowley style te come, hoping to release later this year :)
  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    let's disco :D
  3. Shunt

    Shunt |||


    Keep on, that's just what I like!

    The VS Brass ist superb, did u do the Pitchbending manually, or is it
  4. Flashback!! Great Stuff! :) :supi:
  5. tom f

    tom f Ignoranten können nun ignorieren.

    yeahhhhh !!! :)

    the 80ies mark the apex of western culture - and now we are free falling (but only to rise again) :phat:

    btw. i just bought the ep on itunes - gotta show the tracks to a current production partner because i´d like to propose you a remix - ill catch ya later via pn - cheers
  6. Shunt

    Shunt |||

    bought it, too

    Have to support this!
  7. Anonymous

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    to bad this track isn't on the e.p., had to buy it anyway, your youtubevideos are entertaining me since 2 years
  8. I really appreciate this!! Vielen Dank!!

    The Prophet VS brass is manual, indeed in double mode it's fat & great for brass.. That pitch bend part is a motif in lots of Cowley tracks, couldn't resist :)
  9. CR

    CR ....

    superb, als always!

    And although you are probably recording, mixing & mastering with a DAW, I really admire how your overall sound is so incredibly lush ... with the warmth and the saturation, it really sounds like it is a vinyl record from the 80s. There must be some voodoo involved! :D
  10. weinglas

    weinglas Tube-Noise-Maker

    Great ride back in time! :supi: :supi:
  11. Great! Keep on in this style. I hope you´re doin´ fine!
  12. Thanx Mate, for this great Track :supi:

    I am really on new material from you, especially in combination with Paul Parker