Harlem Nights - Sylvester (80s synth clubstyle)

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  1. New track in old style :D

    Drums: Oberheim DMX (Electribe SX sampler)
    Bass: SCI Pro One, Roland Juno 106
    Chords: Korg Polysix, Juno 106
    Brass: Sequential Prophet VS
    Vocal: Sylvester James (sampled from 'Mighty Real')

    Link to my EP "Watch me Dance" @ iTunes: http://goo.gl/6MxFN

    BTW I'm recording tracks with Paul Parker at the moment.. More Patrick Cowley style te come, hoping to release later this year :)
  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    let's disco :D
  3. Shunt

    Shunt recht aktiv


    Keep on, that's just what I like!

    The VS Brass ist superb, did u do the Pitchbending manually, or is it
  4. Flashback!! Great Stuff! :) :supi:
  5. tom f

    tom f Moderator

    yeahhhhh !!! :)

    the 80ies mark the apex of western culture - and now we are free falling (but only to rise again) :phat:

    btw. i just bought the ep on itunes - gotta show the tracks to a current production partner because i´d like to propose you a remix - ill catch ya later via pn - cheers
  6. Shunt

    Shunt recht aktiv

    bought it, too

    Have to support this!
  7. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    to bad this track isn't on the e.p., had to buy it anyway, your youtubevideos are entertaining me since 2 years
  8. I really appreciate this!! Vielen Dank!!

    The Prophet VS brass is manual, indeed in double mode it's fat & great for brass.. That pitch bend part is a motif in lots of Cowley tracks, couldn't resist :)
  9. CR

    CR aktiviert

    superb, als always!

    And although you are probably recording, mixing & mastering with a DAW, I really admire how your overall sound is so incredibly lush ... with the warmth and the saturation, it really sounds like it is a vinyl record from the 80s. There must be some voodoo involved! :D
  10. weinglas

    weinglas Tube-Noise-Maker

    Great ride back in time! :supi: :supi:
  11. Great! Keep on in this style. I hope you´re doin´ fine!
  12. Audiohead

    Audiohead aktiviert

    Thanx Mate, for this great Track :supi:

    I am really on new material from you, especially in combination with Paul Parker

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