HELP - Improved acoustics for home recording studio



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Hi everyone,

I'm want to use one of my spare rooms in the basement as a home ecording studio.

Does anyone have some advice what material to use at the walls and
the ceiling?

The German MusicStore Thomann told me to use the T.Akustik Basotect Element, which is an absorber reducing frequencies over 500 Hz.
I read that another possibility is wood panels at the walls. I also read that it is recommended to use absorber and diffusor together. So I'm a little bit confused.

I would appreciate any kind of advice.
We've used coconut fiber panels in our studio.
These are covering rock wool and Pladur on the walls and ceiling.
The result is interesting, we are getting a lot of absortion.
Now the studio looks like a rabbit hole : )

BTW, the studio is in a flat and we've had no complaints from the neighbours.

Here's a picture of my two partners: ... cf.jpg?v=0

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