Korg Radias - Why the unfair prices in Europe?

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At first the Korg Radias Rack was priced at 1599€ & 1599$.
Even at that price things did not seemed right, as 1599$ only is worth
1257 €

Then the priced dropped in the U.S markets to a more reasonable 1199$

The price also dropped in other markets such as the U.K & Canadian.

A Korg Radias Rack can be bought for 1345 canadian dollars wich is about 951 €!!!

After a long time the price finally seemed to drop also in the Euro markets,
but only to 1399€!! (Lowest price i have seen)

Why is it that we have to pay more then everyone else for the same item?

1399€ = 1778$ - Actual price paid in U.S - 1199$
1399€ = 1977 canadian dollars - Actual price paid in Canada - 1345cd

Is this not strange logic? If its not about taxes and such, why does Korg feel the need to punish the euro markets??
The price may drop if it doesn't sell at the current price. ;-)

So it's up to the buyers.
the problem was that http://www.sequencer.de/syns/korg Korg hat to rework the mechanism which holds the synth itself.. why? some1 in the us <a href="https://www.sequencer.de/specials/sequencer.html">Sequencer</a>ueezed his fingers and they have laws against these things.. so as a manufacturer you need to tell the people: do NOT put in hamsters in this microwave oven - it may explode) ;-)

ok, thats not the reason..
EU market: there are quite some machines, that are more expensive over here.. the korg stuff is made in china (I assume), designed in japan .. so it is yen and dollar dependend. also the us market is much more interesting for them compared to ours..

over here the radias will be arount 1750€ , if you go for the rack only you save a bit (are you talking about the rack oder KB?)

thats something happening to more than just korg..
I also assume it could be a tax thing, too.. transportation? but well.. it can't be that high.. thats true, maybe they have to realize, that (in germany, don't know about other EU countries..) the ppl have much less money to spend these days and we get more VAT from 2007 and real silly government & new plans to "save" the money from the low income people to give it to the big companies for not leaving us.. they are all afraid (german angst) of being "china-ized".. so they stop buying or buy less..

ok, OT..

no, I do not really have a good idea, why it is that different..
but note one thing: the us dealers often tell their prices excl VAT!! so maybe you need to count that in?? most shops tell their prices like this because they have a different tax in other US countries!!

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Radias Rack in Germany in the stores is now 999Euro vs. 999 Dollar the USA...