Recoil / Alan Wilder - 'A Strange Hour' Spring 2011 events

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  1. ist mir grade auf facebook über den weg gelaufen, vielleicht ist es ja was für einen von euch nerds. :cool:

    'A Strange Hour' Spring 2011 events - provide a synth, receive 2 VIP tickets

    Calling all synths-owners in the Baltics, Paris & Leipzig!
    As on the previous 'Selected' tour, Alan is on the lookout for a modular synth to borrow in each city for the upcoming European events. Specifically, he needs something from the list below. Alan is only interested in these particular instruments, or something very similar. (Only serious offers will get a response).

    Korg MS 20, or Polyphonic
    EMS VCS 3

    Note: the instrument must include an upstand section, preferably with lots of knobs and cables!

    If you think you can help in your city, please email :
    In return for contributing to the event, you + a friend will be rewarded with guest tickets and a meeting with Alan.

    The Shunt staff

    nochmal der link: