Roland CSQ 100\600 + ARP (will it work?)

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  1. Hello
    I'd like to know if csq series is CV compatible with ARP,
    if not, as I suppose, wich seq. do you suggest me?
    (about same price of csq...)
    Thank you
  2. Moogulator

    Moogulator Admin

    the CSQs work with about 10V, the <a href=>ARP</a> may work, but expect them to take really a big punch of volts to get triggered, you may need to trigger gate AND trigger with 10-15V, the CV should work fine. so I assume it works with the ARPs (Ody, 2600).


    (I shall move this to the english section, huh?)
  3. Thank you
    for reply and info, next time I'll write in detusch..... I'll try...
    or I'll post here.
    I've an ARP Solus and I'll meet soon a csq-100, so I'll tell you what will happen.

    but I don't really well understand when you say:
    expect them to take really a big punch of volts to get triggered
    it will work only for a little range of notes?
    I'm not much more than a newbe in to analogic sistems...

    and in any case, which sequencer do you suggest for a nice ARP Solus connection?
    The ARP Sequencer is too complex only for the solus....