Sensor Orchestra Workshop, 20-24.11, München

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    Sensor Orchestra Workshop


    Conductors: Andrey Smirnov & Guy van Belle
    Date: November 20. to 24.11.07 from 12.00 to 17.00
    Location: Kunstarkaden, Sparkassenstr. 3, 80331, Munich, U+S Marienplaz

    During the workshop
    - You will get your laptop converted into the digital theremin;
    - You will learn the ways of interaction with your laptop by means of body motion and gesture;
    - You will learn how to incorporate your laptop into the network to share sounds, images and data in order to create common interactive environment.

    You will also learn:
    - Basic principles of operation of the Theremin based interactive systems;
    - The ways to detect motion and measur it;
    - Art and music applications of interactive motion tracking systems;
    - Ways to integrate theremin-sensors in performance, dance, video, sound and art installations.

    The cost of the workshop is 50 euro.
    For students, female artists and those, taking part in the second workshop is 40 euro.

    We can suggest an accommodation for about 18-32 Euro.