Testing Soundcloud long link (thanks for the space! :-)

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    Hi all, this isn't my track but we just got SoundCloud player embedding over on Muff's forum and for some links it's not working, like for ignatius' track below. It looks like it has something to do with links that are so long that they get wrapped in the editor and that "breaks" the link somehow. :heul: I came here to test it so see if the same thing happens and it doesn't! :cool: So . . . maybe it is because the post editor is a lot narrower on Muff's forum than it is here or??? :?:
    src: http://soundcloud.com/buriedintime/ben-milstein-ep-bit_009-medley-of-clips
  2. Moogulator

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    if you got some bugs it could be improper implementation, in phpbb3 you just have to tell how the URL will be interpreted - it's easy to analyze - if you still find things that are different from the standard form SC needs you got a wrong implementation. I chose the way for single tracks here. had a faulty implementation earlier.

    I can later move this to "Forum" which is the meta-thing (every planet has a meta thing, in'nt?)
  3. JohnLRice

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    Thanks much for the response and advice, Moogulator! :adore: :cool: Yes, please feel fee to move this post to where ever is best. I have to use the Google translator to read most of this forum, and it is slow and inaccurate, so most of the time I'm kinda lost here! :heul: But it is a cool forum so I keep coming back! :supi:
  4. Moogulator

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    well, I had an english lair - but well, who do you fell in a forum with thousands of Subforums and just one for your language, .. I am still a bit like split up since the sequencer.de site is almost english, but another forum? hmm, does the world need another electro-music etc.. ? don't know..

    I thought it feels strange for you, then?
    which way 2 go now

    (yes, the forum got cursors)
  5. JohnLRice

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    I remember that english sub forum! But, I don't know, I really don't think it is necessary. It should be up to ME to learn German if i want to effectively hang out here! :cool: So long as folks don't mind me posting in english, I'll come around and post occasionally! :supi: Thanks for letting me visit! :peace:

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