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The “analogue mafia”, all former Roland engineers, lead by Tadao Kikumoto who lead development of the TR-808, have built a software emulation of TR-808. Two of my former bosses are on the team (Kikumoto and Nakamura). The guys on the team are mostly retired, doing projects like this for fun. Kikumoto has built an incredible humanoid-style drummer robot at home. Anyway, back to their RC-808:

Their web site:

What most of the English speaking world call x0x boxes, they call the the Mid-O Series.
Cool information here, direct from the real sources:

News article (in Japanese) with more information.

Der Artikel zu "episodes of the mid o series" ist lesenswert.

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Der Artikel zu "episodes of the mid o series" ist lesenswert.
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Btw, "Down Chirp Oscillation" ist ein toller Begriff^^

Nowadays you can hear pretty much of its sound even with small monitors or even with headphones, but back in the R&D day of the 808, we had only cheap playback devices in our labs in Roland, and none of us were able to hear nor realize the heavy low bass frequency bands of this killer tone.
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