Unser 13th Monkey Debütalbum ist erschienen!

Dieses Thema im Forum "Musik" wurde erstellt von thedi, 20. Oktober 2009.

  1. thedi

    thedi .

    Unser Debütalbum erscheint am 31.10.09 bei Hands!

    Hier mal der Hands-Newslettertext und Cover! :)


    13TH MONKEY - Redefining The Paradigm Of Bang
    Hands Productions, HANDS D142, Hands Paper Pack, CD, 10 Tracks, 68 Minuten

    Redefining The Paradigm of Bang is the best description for this 100% club compatible Techno Industrial project by the two sound artists and producers Andreas "Thedi" Thedens and Harm Bremer. While this project is based in Lüneburg, the album demonstrates that there is more than simply calm and beautiful landscapes and curly black haired sheep called "Heidschnucken" in the Lüneburg Heath. If you dive-bomb into the subsurface blow-hole you will find yourself in the middle of a wired rebellion and even cross the way of an anthropoid on the run: the 13th Monkey. The 10 tracks on this album were completely constructed using an array of tabletop hardware instruments programmed in real-time without the use of overdubbing, the mainstay of this project’s energetic live sets, in a style self hailed as, Digital Tech Fractures. The final "bang" of this project’s debut album was added by legendary speedcore producer Bobby Tense at the famous Kevorkian Mastering Studio in New York City. Expect 68 minutes of bass-driven and pounding tech-industrial tracks with distorted and screaming acid-like 303 sounds as extra ingredients. Monkey bites!

    01. Aktrus
    02. Cedera
    03. Oropax
    04. Mister 29
    05. Yakis
    06. Anality
    07. Monkey Bites
    08. Axyt
    09. Tremor (live)
    10. A500

    Releasedate: 31.10.09

    Die CD könnt ihr über Hands, im Ant-Zen Mailorder oder aber auch direkt bei uns im Webshop ordern: http://www.13thmonkey.de

    Und hier auch noch mal der Link zu dem "Cedera Mas"-Videoclip: