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    (Compressor GLUE)

    Antwort auf meine frage nach dem unterschied:

    Cytomic: "There are a couple of differences, but the main algorithm is identical between the plugin version and the one built into Live. The main difference is oversampling, in the Live device Glue Compressor there is a single switch for either "Off" or "x2" for oversampling, and in the plugin version you can pick higher quality settings right up to x128, and you can choose to have a more efficient setting for realtime processing, and then have it automatically jump up to a higher setting any time you render.

    Another slight difference is in how parameters are being smoothed, but I hope to introduce this same high quality smoothing into Live as well in the future.

    The main difference of course is you can use the plugin version in any host you want.

    I plan to email out slight discount vouchers (I'm hoping around USD20 or more) to existing customers of The Glue off the price of Live 9. I'll be able to make an official statement on this in the next week or so as soon as everything is in place.
    All the best, A"