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Clavia Clavia Synth overview / überblick..
G2 / G2X

G2 modular synthesizer
opened & BASIC INFO
designs & prototypes

g2 came in dec 2003!/jan 2004

from OS 1.3 the app works on mac os x (panther, tiger)
G2 / G2x / G2 engine.
lots of updates have been made and a SOFTWARE demo for mac and pc is available since 1.26

1.40 will add some kind of darwin-patch evolution like I have on my site under ideas..
thanks if you just read it and did it.. the fittest one will survive, a 303 - patch? ;)

clavia will obviously do a G2 Software some time, it will use up some power and atm it need quite a lot of power.. but finally we will see the G2 as a software only synth sooner or later.. clavia never waste time just for a demo.. yes: not every module works right now, but it is most likely it will within 2005..

current version since 1.30
is almost bug fixing and re-structure some things "tunings".. but also some added features..

Nord Modular G2
Nord Modular G2
click to enlarge..

recent changes to hardware.. G2 info
g2 opened..
NM user?
see the "new" modules..
G2 / G2X detail info
in-depth info

standard info G2

clavia G2
g2x difference to g2? scroll full down!

find latest and in-depth info here!
the G2 and internal things..
clavia g2x modular synthesizer
G2 going software.. (?) clavia released a software demo (no mac version so far) for "evaluation" and demo, some modules "disabled".. get the idea? ;) it's on their site since 23.12.2004 Xmasizzed!!!

follow my speculation / virtually generated rumours
VGR™ --->

well, there is no software g2 so far, but maybe it will be out when the g2 will be dropped because its hardware is outdated.. we do not know.. (THIS IS A THOUGHT, not the truth) ;)

a matter of time to see the G2 soft, its NAMM (summer?) soon ;) frankfurt musikmesse in april 2005, so the same company that dropped the nord editor and "accidentally" brought us the os x NM editor for man power reasons do demo g2 for just demoing the hardware? believe it or not.. see the software g2 coming.. maybe sampling is in there? it's on your mind now.. you said it! it wasn't me! ;) maybe it is trustworthy enough for studio use.. I'd still recommend the hardware for the stage performers.. and get a nice "micro G2 modular" in software today.. it's free.

G2 vs NM vs NI Reaktor

G2 vergleiche / comparing the modulars with reaktor..

vergleich G2 gegen den alten Nord modular - wie kompatibel sind sie? was ist der unterschied?

compared: NM, G2 and reaktor 4..

G2 vs. NI reaktor..
vs. "G1" / "old Nord Modular"
NM / Nord Modular

nord modular
NM opened..

clavia nord modular synthesizer
clavia nord modular synthesizer inside
Micromodular the Micromodular is exactly one slot of the nord modular.. and.. 3-4 knobs only.. 4 voices max. (not expandable)..
clavia micromodular
Micromodular - click the image..
all nords & g2

nord links,
nord software tools (auto-controlerize your patches, make morphs etc..)
and mailing lists etc..


NM & G2

nord modular patch tricks
& ideas..

clavia nord modular synthesizer software editor
some triXX
NM G2 NordLead

nordlead / compares / infos
NM / G2 vs. NL
how it works..

clavia nord modular synthesizer compared
some compares..

patch-bay.. some more patches check the patch section (the diskette symbol)

PATCHES english..
PATCHES deutsch.

clavia nord modular synthesizer
some patches...
NM / micro modular / G2 mailing lists there are 2 I know of:

the one on and the one at yahoogroups

the wizoo list seems no longer existent..

note: code404
has moved to

converting NordLEAD2 to Nord Modular patches? a conversion tool project
by ken martinez
Nord Modular
open source project
linux, windows..

NM nord modular online
book / synthesis
pdf nord modular

the html book nord modular


g2x difference to g2?

clavia G2 vs. G2x

1) 2 mod wheels

2) it's already voice doubled (expanded) the g2 has do be expanded by an optional expansion. 32voices max.

3) larger keyboard 5 octaves
clavia nord lead 3


to nordlead2 / nord lead 2x

yes: it has the same sound characteristics as the nord lead 2 and modular / g2(x).

no, it is not the same as g2 or NM, you CAN emulate it, but it is better if you want a VA/standard subtractive.
why? it ias a polysynth user interface for fast live access that has a structure.. it is not modular,.. thats of help with those LED knobs - you always see what the sound is like without playing .. on the modulars (g2 / NM1) you need to help yourself or look at the patch on the screen. the g2 has LED knobs ,too.. but for it's modular philosophy it is more open and you need to read the display.. but sonically they are really the same , almost.. and: well the g2 and nm are much more flexible, that the "price" for the open architecture.. imo the G2 has the most optimised and fast surface of all modular systems available today! why? you can assign parameters and midi controllers by less klicks than on others, it has 5 displays and shows it's name and value, so you can use it as a controller box,too.. the older NM has only one display so you need to press the "find" knob very often and so it is the one that needs the computer screen most ;) ..

so better compare the nord lead 2 , 2x and the NL3:
it has lost the NL2's drum mode but it has a nice FM section, another filter (modes) and 4 morph groups with LED endless encoders.. it also has more polyphony. even in unison mode it keeps its max voices!! so basically it is a big plus , it's only the name, you can not load old nord lead2 patches or something, but you can recreate your old patches using your brain.. but you will never be able to play the drum sounds because it has no drum mode as the nl2/2x does.. or better: you can not play 8 sounds on one slot.. I do not really know why they kicked off this feature. it is one of the highlights of the nl2 series. btw: the morph stuff: you have 4 morphs on the nl3 and only one on the nl2 - it's an interpolation from one sound to another and moves all parameters proportionally.. you can assign the wheel or other velocity or something to control it.. on the nl3 you have wheel, AT, velo or pedal as default group control.

NL2x vs. 2:
the 2x is the same as the 2 with card built in, so it has 24bit DA convertors and about 300 patches / 30 drumkits compared to 10 drumkits and 40 patches with no card on the older NL2 - thats all!
16 voices, 4 slots.

the old NL1: has 4 to 12 voices and there has been an update that added synched noise and some other features that are worth the update. anyway it is always below the nl2.. some important routings that were added from nl1 to nl2:

-distortion (filter saturation)
-more filter models (added in soft eprom update on the
-LFO1/2 more routings loike filter mod by LFO2, echo mode added and 2 waveforms added (smoothed random, very cool!)!
-modENV (AD) PW mod possible in NL2
-more waveforms (OSCs) - sine added for better FM sounds
-noise synchable, sounds a bit like wavetables ;)
-ringmod added.
-keytracking now more than "on/off"

nordlead3 - clavia nord lead 3
nordlead 3
clavia nord lead synthesizer

clavia nord lead 2 synthesizer
NL2 kb pic thanks to plasmatron

Nord Stage
Nord Electro

nord stage - the new one. quite like the nord electro contains pianos and organ with drawbar

but in addition to clavias electro series the nord stage has FX and a simple Synthesizer which provides FM and digital spectra and some VA waveforms with simple envelope (ADSR) and filter (LPF,HPF), not a big deal and not a nl2 or nl3.. but perfect for electro lovers? .. lots of people like to have ONE keyboard for all.. here it is..

click on the Stage pics to enlarge..

clavia stage keyboard and simple synth
clavia stage keyboard and simple synth
clavia stage keyboard and simple synth