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Moog Synth overview / überblick.. Moog

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--> compare Moog vs. Andromeda A6
--> and Minimoog vs. Modular
Service for moogs?
• Moog as software?here some audio demos.. arturia moog V vs. moog original
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analogue trigger Moog: like some korgs (MS20) and EDP (wasp) - 'S-Trig' (Moog Type) - Kurzschlusstrigger = to GND = shorting connection.

MOOG MODULAR synthesizer moog control via midi and control voltage:
Moog Modular in the Synth Database Moog Modular in the Synth Database
..of some moog modules here!!
first of all - there are a lot of Moog looking Modules out there, like here on the right.. and since the original became harder to get and "real vintage" there have been 1:1 cloners that got the same layout, the same design and even the same circuitry - but they are not manufactured by moog - so first think about what you want - history or making music..

the originals .

there have been quite a lot of moog modulars over time:

  • the big series 35 and 55,in wooden case like the one below.
  • the vinyl cabinet (1 to 3 cabinets) but normally only one: systems 10,12,15
  • synthesizer I,II,III,Ic,2c,2p,3c,3p

top luxury of course is the moog system 55.

most important thing: the moogs use 1V/Oct. CV and SWITCHED TRIGGER.
so it is compatible to roland and arp, but you need a small modification to the gate/trigger:

the moogs used one kind of plugs for ENV triggering and VCO waveform restart:
europeans like me may only have seen this slightly different for loudspeakers: the jones cinch plug (something that the dinosaurs in the us may have used for phone stuff (!?!?). rare!

this is the switched trigger side.
find: MOOG MODULES go here!

moog modular synthesizer system moogulator
more? click on the pic..
moog modular synthesizer system

--> quite equivalent to a larger
Moog System55 but in 3 vinyl cabinets.. but check the details, not original

this one is also not the original case / cab .. check the Jones Plugs etc..

moog modular cabinet

Moog 35/55 + 10+15
synthesizer system

MOOG 35 / Moog 55 the lower 2 cabinets are one of 2 existing complete ppg modulars!!! owner is bernie of aliens-project!! he played this one on out elektro waves 2001 festival of course the keyboards wasn't used live ;-)

Dashier ist ein Moog 35 in sehr gutem Zustand.. Eigner ist Bernie (, der im Rahmen unserer Netzwerke dieses Monster am 14.9.01 live gespielt hat.. Die unteren beiden sind eine noch grössere Rarität: PPG Modular! zusammen hat diese Kiste 21 OSCs!! ;-)) Die Tastatur wurde natürlich live nicht benutzt! ;-) inzwischen ist er noch grösse, schaut auch das aber besser mal auf der site von aka bernie an..

HERE IS A MOVIE / HIER IST EIN FILM von diesem SYNTH/of this Synth!!!!
Aliens Project on the (PPG--> PPG site)/Moog35 - in action: movie1, movie2, movie3 mehr netzwerk info..

NEW MINI MOVIE @ elektro-kartell party 2004:
QT6 with divx plugin needed .. about 5MB of space..
listen and see.. moog modular movie II @ aliens project studio
by moogulator - bernies moog is now much bigger.. watch and hear it here: movie!

Info über den Gig gibts im forum / und
mehr zu den Live-Aktionen und über den Andromeda (bei ConseQuence und Pattysplanet) und die Netzwerke HIER (mehr Videos von den anderen Acts) und unter alesis ;)
btw: the Alesis Andromeda has the real authentic Moog filters that I (ConseQuence / MoogulatoR) still like to gig with - here (consequence / moogulator)

this system ist now extened, so both "towers" are the same height. moog, ppg and modules inside.
Andromeda vs. moog. here
david vs. goliath ;)

but: the andro has the same filters! (904 MODULE )

I compared the minimoog to my moog modular system and the result is: it is very close - it's only minimal more warmth in the modular, so imagine the first mini prototype as the 904 filter (a) LPF, 2 simplified ENVs and 3 OSCs with mixer. no lfo. use an osc as lfo mini synthesizer ;).

if you need switched trigger and want to midify it: try to use voltage trigger= 0 v and 8-10V as "sitched" trigger for moog. it works on prodigy and others..

may work!.. try the doepfer mvc4 or other cheap midi interfaces..
Der vermutlich größte Moog 55 in Europa / possibly europes biggest Moog Modular (owner Bernie of Aliens Project)
its 2 times Moog 55 plus ppg modular (super rare!) find every module and the current size on

Moog 35/55 synthesizer system

this is 3 vinyl cabinets like 3 moog 10 or moog 15 some systems were sold as 3P etc..
CLOSEUPS here!! - alle MOOG MODULE hier gelistet..

but these are in the form of moogs original setups offered in the cab they did and with CP modues - so just in case you don't see them it might not be the historical one .

the moog series 10 and 15 are simply one vinyl cabinet, the keyboard also looks different than those 35 / 55 wooden keyboards
all moogs contain at least the 904 filter , only the bigger ones have the coupler and HPF also..
mooog modular systems 10 + 15
this is the bigger range: the 35 and 55 are on the left..
there is a moog satellite on resting on one and a minitmoog below the tables
mooog modular systems 35 + 55<--- enlarge? click the picture..

and there are mixed systems like this or got a big overhaul..
ppg modular
moog modular on stage
the upper cabinet is the Moog 35 the middle and lower one is the PPG Modular one of 2 existing full equipped PPG Modulars...

moog modular owned by
as you might know: there is also a software emulation by arturia of the modular 55, well it has fixed modules but you should try it..
judge yourself or post in the forum for more on this.. (or see the software section)..
moog modular wall
enlarge? click image.. in the database.. database: modular..

SYNTHESIZERS.COM modules compared to moog originals
a substitute for moog?
any one?..

the pic above shows the sequencer, 2 VCOs and VCF.
they sound very well together..

ok, on the pic it's still missing.. see the newer pictures: MODULES

Another Alternative those days were /was the
MODULES ARE here/hier!
- the ppg 100 modular is here!!
PPG Modular 300 --> PPG site filter clip VCO

well, there ARE some:
I had very good experience with SYNTHESIZERS.COM modules from roger arrick. you need to order in the USA, so for european ppl consider 23% to add to the price to get it. anyway: for what you get over here? doepfer? well, they have lots of modules! but the sound quality can not be compared to the 's fatness. it is really a good idea,if you do not want to get poor just because you want it analogue and modular.. ;)

almost any others are more expensive.. and: some are quite good, my experience with modules are very good. I can recommend filters, since the moog system does NOT offer HPFs with resonance and no real 12dB/oct stuff.. sounds good. also the VCOS with sofsync seem to work fine with the moog..

both are quite "conversvative", so do not expect highly integrated modules like wiard systems etc.. but they sound very good and it's sonic range is wide!!

here is the Moog 960 Sequencer clone by , anyone who always wanted a moog, should consider as an alternative, the dot com system sounds really good and to quite "close", the Moog VCOs are a bit, hmm.. more "round", so to speak.. and ppg modular sounds a bit more rough, the dotcom is somewhere in between.

looks like a Moog? it's a sequencer..
thx for pics by happy (all Q960 dotcom pics) sequencer moog 960 sequencer moog 960
look an the back and see the difference.. sequencer moog 960 sequencer moog 960
the original dot com sequencer .. Q119 (middle) allows running backwarts.. or in 24 step mode...
moog modular synthesizer system
q119 sequencer by

Moog Bode Shifter - a clone..

a special pitch shifter..
like on lipps inc.'s "funkytown" (the voice, not the vocoder!)
is done with one..

well, here is a cloner COTK aka
club of the knobs ..
it is a bit cheaper.. the cheapest yet seen is possibly the one by encore electronics - the original is now worth up to 2 - 4000€

click the pic to enlarge.. but sounds nice..

another recommended "cloner" is ..

cotk - club of the knobs modular synthesizer bode shifter
Moog vs. Alesis Andromeda compared..

Andromeda vs. Moog. here
david vs. goliath ;)

but: the andro has the same filters! (904 MODULE )

I compared the minimoog to my moog modular system and the result is: it is very close - it's only minimal more warmth in the modular, so imagine the first mini prototype as the 904 filter (a) LPF, 2 simplified ENVs and 3 OSCs with mixer. no lfo. use an osc as lfo mini synthesizer ;).

is the alesis andromeda a6 really moog and oberheim SEM?
find some hints here

moog modular vs andromeda

there are 2 very good tech heads: Tel. 0911-767516 Fax 0911-7670967 E-mail: LINTRONICS, Rudi Linhard, Ahornstr. 1c 90765 Fürth, Germany - the BEST memorymoog & minimoog doctor on earth! also does the minimoog and minimoog voyager midi implementation and is able to make the voyager really fit for europe (CE-norm!) also best for real PERFECT midi - kits for minimoog and memorymoog. incl. midi control of the panel knobs!

TEL. ++39 349 6400206
FAX.++39 049 9908491
VAT N°. 03695700280
specialists for ppg and moog in italy.. in padua. non commercial atm. they restaurate, repair and build moog and ppg systems.. fabio and nicola - more soon! BKS ( Bass Konzept Studios)
Comming soon : (not up yet)
BKS : Analogs Solutions,specialized in Moog and PPG modulars.
what they did?

more in the ppg / moog section here: Moog & PPG
this is also a reference: moog MODULES

there are some freaky ppl out there:
the waveterm C is a pc-project porting the waveterm 1 and b to hard/software! check their site (paul maddox,dave forward, hermann seib)

MOOG as software? compare arturia moog modular V to moog modular system original listen to audio here: "moog modular" as software

zum vergleich: / compare soft (arturia) to hardware moog
filterbank_moog_b.mp3 (soft)
filterbank_moog.mp3 (original moog)

soft: MOOG303.MP3 moog_sequence.mp3 bass_moog_hard_final.mp3

original / soft: FETTMOOG.MP3

moog related links: a nice moog site more info?
see the moog archives

register your minimoog or v'ger? here

Moog Synth overview / überblick.. Moog