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Moog Synth overview / überblick.. Moog

note that this is a restaurated one, so there is 3 things different from the original:
*1) the way the modules are mounted and the look of the edges of the modules are comparable but not similar
*2) the cabinet is completely new and the CP modules are also lost, but there are some unusual modules added like Ringmodulators which where not part of most Moog Standard Setups like IIc, IIIc, System 15, System 25, System 55 - so this is finally not something "like a System 55" but completely custom and completely rearranged - also there is no jones plug used, instead there is a speaker plug used since the jones are not very common here in germany and I really did not want to have such exotic stuff in it. I don't care much for being "original" so please forgive me, collectors. this is for music and my own pleasue, in fact almost everything was changed including knobs and stuff. so it's up to you if you can still call it a "moog system", like an old time car with all new parts but same feel, looks and sound - but thats not a good comparison, since a moog is about sound and the sound is original as well as the heart of this system. - but I found it much better to tell in advance before you die. So here's whats present. If you like to compare, just go to the dynamic database part of this site, I added one page for all modulars since all modules could be in all systems, so it makes not real sense to list all models. but here is one. this is the more historic section which will not change much..

Modules 902 ,903A,904 (a/b/c),921 (a/b),923,911 ,911A ,912, 914 ,928 ,984, 994, 995 Moog Synthesizer / Moog Modular / Moog Synth
a mixed system with moog-like modules such as etc and those looking like moog ones..
this is about the tech/function things..
moog modular synthesizer system
this moog modular system is re-packaged. the vinyl cabinets of the system 10 and system 15 normally have to rows
of moog standard modules - the bottom row is for the CP modules (mixing the signals and audio!)
here I got completely new cabinets and re-installed the moog modules with normal size and extra power adapter (which is also not original!) to make room for more modules and the matrix mixer in the mid cabinet.
the sequencer and 2 VCOs and the multimode filter on the left (3 knobs can be seen) are all modules which are very well with the moog modules.. the sound is comparable to me ears (OSCs) and the layout sometimes is smaller and better (compared to my driver - VCO triplet)

die module die es hier gibt / modules to find here:
902 ,903A,904 (a/b/c),921 (a/b),923,911 ,911A ,912, 914 ,928 ,984, 994, 995 ,
and / und: sine converter (note that there is no such thing from moog)
ringmodulator, inverter / buffer

what is what / was ist was:
902 VCA lin/exp.
903A white & pink noise,
904 (a/b/c) filter (lpf,coupler, hpf),
921 (a/b) VCO (driver/osc),
there is also the 921, that is driver and osc in one but no weak sync!
923 noise pink&white and non-CVable lpf and hpf
911 env gen. ADSR s-trigger (see it opened),
911A trigger delay,
912 envelope follower,
914 fixed filter bank 12 bands plus hpf and lpf (here with ind. out for every band makes a nice drum machine with a sequencer),
928 sample & hold and glide,
960 sequencer
984 matrix mixer (!)
994 multiples jack (one with knob to have 8 as a group, normally groups of 4 (2x),
995 attenuators (3x)
non moog module: helLFO / "hölLFO": not shown on the picture above (right now)..
- sequencer by

other/more moog synthesizers / andere moog synthesizer und bilder here

MOOG - THE MODULES / DIE MODULE (original this time)

the sequencer
moog 960
(there is a clone from available)
moog 960 sequencer

fixed filter bank, 914 modified with ind. outs for every single freq-band. THIS is imo one of the nicest sounding modules.. there are not many standalone fixed filter banks out there (exept the one from snd) , attenuators (you need those to set the real mod amount to any mod destination) 995, Sample and Hold/gilde 928, envelope follower 912moog modular synthesizer system fixed filter bank

the matrix mixer: you got 4 ins, 4 outs and simple filters (trebble / bass), so you can mix some OSC signals together and route it everywhere you like to..moog modular synthesizer system matrix mixer

the filters 904 lowpass, and highpass on the right (hpf has no resonance! no moog ever had this by the way)
the coupler is a very nice device: you can control both filters with this and use the filter as one bpf with modable bandwidth and center freq. also it is possible to use it as notch (this is one of the first USABLE notches!! because bandwidth and center can be adjusted.)
this is the 904A lpf, the 904B hpf - the coupler is the 904c it's very close to that of the new voyager but, hmm.. your ears decide.. the 2 jacks block the way to see the range switch (hi/low), no reso as said. moog modular synthesizer system filter / VCF

this is the heart: the driver and oscillators 921 A and 921 B
via driver all oscs follow the frequency of the master vco! good for minimoog-chords, bad for fm: so you need another driver.. because trhe range is set on the master driver and the oscillators got an offset to the driver!
- the inverter buffer is for amping and offseting the signals (boost and set it's symmetry)
moog modular synthesizer system VCOs and driver

this is pink and white noise 903A, but with the 923 you have a LPF and HPF that cannot be modulated or voltage controlled
but it's nice to have specially filtered noise sections or pre-filter some VCOs.. if you turn it: it really sounds good!!.. so this is a good thing if you want to save CV-able filters.. or the fixed filter bank
moog modular synthesizer system noise & filters

the ring modulator, a trigger delay (use this for having one env. starting XX secs after another..) 911A, and the multiple jack is just to extend some signals or if you want to have more than one cord on one position..
moog modular synthesizer system trigger delay ring modulator

this can be used to reconvert sine waves into rectangular or saw!! turning the know gives interesting effects on the "edge", modable! gives some intersting bite!!
moog modular synthesizer system sine converter

the envelope generator 911 (not a porsche) with s-trig (see the strange jacks) warning: the first 3 knobs are for RATES, the BOTTOM MOST ist the Level - so you need to set sustain here - and the switchable VCA 902 (lin or expo) on the left.

tthis is the 911-like envelope generator opened

here's the design, how a 911like module can look like.. very accurate, very close , same components as the Moog 911 EG

moog modular synthesizer system module 911

this one is heavily re-stored.. just one word: watch the pots! they should be like the original.. means - check if its lin or exp ..

moog modular synthesizer system module 911 EG
this is how it looks like opened, as well - nothing is real - synthetic world..
see the beloved moog "control badge" ---> note the quotes ;)

also 1:1 Clone, but some mechnical things different..
here's the moog 911 module (envelope) l:
Poti 1(das alleinstehende): Nullabgleich - stelle hier die Envelope auf 0 Volt, wenn kein Trigger anliegt.
Poti2: Abgleich Glitch zwischen Ende Decay und Sustain-Level. (Ohne Abgleich gibt es einen deutlichen Sprung zwischen
Decay-Phasen-Ende und Sustain-Level.
Poti3: Null-Abgleich bei S-Trigger. Hier wird also anscheinend sichergestellt, dass die Decay-Phase ebenfalls auf Null zurueckgeht.
Wichtig!! Zum Abgleichen von 1 + 3 sollen alle Regler am Linksanschlag stehen.
Vielleicht ist es ja ein hoher Glitch, der Dich stoert. Einen Trimmer zum Abgleichen der Decay-Phase gibt's also leider nicht.
Falls der Abgleich nicht ausreicht, muss der Envelope modifiziert werden. (thx to jörg schaaf ..!)

a bit not on spot, but this size and the lack of LFOs in a Moog System seem to shout of it:
the HELlfo (english name)/ hölLFO (german name):!
- a quad lfo with 3 ranges, PWM, Sync, audio speed!...
this is the bottom blank panel (not shown above!)
LFO - hölLFO - HelLFO !!

there are 2 very good tech heads: Tel. 0911-767516 Fax 0911-7670967 E-mail: LINTRONICS, Rudi Linhard, Ahornstr. 1c 90765 Fürth, Germany - the BEST memorymoog & minimoog doctor on earth! also does the minimoog and minimoog voyager midi implementation and is able to make the voyager really fit for europe (CE-norm!) also best for real PERFECT midi - kits for minimoog and memorymoog. incl. midi control of the panel knobs!

specialists for ppg and moog in italy.. in padua. non commercial atm. they restaurate, repair and build moog and moog like machines and ppg systems. but not today since moog was back, so don't ask them anymore - just for reference -

fabio and nicola - BKS ( Bass Konzept Studios)
c/o Santi Nicola - Piazzo Fabio
please note - if you got one of their systems don't sell them as a moog!! important!!
fax: ++39 049 9900928
basskonzept ÄT
BKS : Analogs Solutions,specialized in Moog and PPG modulars - today just repairs and stuff,...
what he did?
moog modular synthesizer system

more in the ppg / moog section here: Moog & PPG
this is also a reference: moog MODULES

link: a nice moog site? the moog archives

yours agent moog aka agent m00g.
moog modular synthesizer system

the chaos moog clone
moogulator chaos! moog modular synthesizer system moogulator

Moog Synth overview / überblick.. Moog