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JOMOX JoMoX/Jayemsonic Synth overview / überblick..
go to hartmann neuron? go here / zum hartmann neuron? special machine info: hartmann and kyma

there is a new small version on the way ,called the m-resonator
no midi but has some things that are in the big one, too..
too me it loks like a 2 filter FMable "chaotic" generator, looks like
an interesting new filter bank / fx box.

neuronium resonator: read on..
jayemsonic resonator neuronium

I was curious if the 'Resonator Neuronium' is something that is currently available for purchase (even as a custom order) - or is it merely a prototype?

the resonator is played by jürgen michalis and I took part in the performance of his neuronium with video visual support! very dynamic resonating oscs (with fm and dsp controlled analogue)..
played on "musikmesse" frankfurt, bcn café (messeparty) 2003.
The prototype on the picture right now is the only one that is made yet. I was aware from the beginning that this is not a commercial thing. I will only craft it on order at a relatively high price.
There is my handcrafting and one year work already in it plus the material which is not cheap at all.
Since I knew that I (if ever) would only sell a few units, I realized my very own uncompromising imaginations.

If it is indeed available, I have just a few further questions:
1) Regarding the sound clip on your website - are all sounds in this example created on the 'Resonator Neuronium' (including the drums)?

Well, the sound sample is an XBase09 and a SunSyn driven through the Resonator Neuronium. The neuron filter parameters are tweaked during the recording.
The own DNA based Waveform generators of the R.N. aren't used in the sample.

The sample is a very rough one, because I was totally in a hurry and I didn't have time before christmas to make it better. But I wanted to upload it already, sorry. In February I'm finished to move with my personal studio/laboratory and will be able to make more samples. Also the translation of the theory and description has to be done still.Again, the R.N. is NOT a normal synthesizer but a link between tonal and expressive life based sound generations.
2) Further, are the sequences in the sound example strictly from the unit itself, or was it being driven by an external sequencer?
It can be actually driven by a midi sequencer, but this sample was just the R.N. with external audio sources.
Each Neuron has own envelopes and DNA based waveforms that can be triggered and controlled by Midi.

3) How complete is the System Software for this device?

75% because I have two jobs: Jomox and my personal stuff. I will give my personal stuff more time in future.

4) What are your terms and procedures for ordering?

Well, 50% off payment and the rest at final delivery. Delivery time will be 2 months. The price of one Resonator Neuronium is 12.000 Euro (this is not miswritten) I hope you're not shocked, but since I explained above my thoughts about it I hope for your understanding. When I get an order, I will do it right and it will be crafted fine with a dedicated metal casing, laqueer and all stuff that is neccessary to be satisfied. This will not be a series unit but a unique item!
Any other relavent information you wish to include in your reply would be greatly appreciated.

here is a statement from Jürgen Michaelis..
mic. "moogulator" from ConseQuence -

I have just set some info on the german version of my site..

neuronium resonator
I spoke to Jürgen Michaelis (you know jomox, do ya??)
the neuronium is not really something to buy at the next corner.. he was experimenting atm you COULD order one but the price is.. well.. I know it but I should not tell..
the neuron from hartmann is at €4980 thats not cheap.. (its about the same amount in $)..
if some1 here want more on the resonator I have to type something, huh??..

- again to clear it up


1) the neuronium resonator is a hybrid system that works with resonating filters, FM, DSPs and lots of physics that I will not describe all here ;)

its basic idea is to combine both and let the system filter-amp etc oscillate.. (easy sppoken.. its by far more than this). so it creates multiple resonant peaks.. Jürgen will do some more sounds when he has moved (february) and he promised to me to bring it to the musikmesse in Frankfurt.. and make some more sounds after he has moved (right now!)..

this thing will NOT be cheap and is imo worth a look, its another philosophy of how synths might work.. this is NOT a hoax!! (not a sage-synth ;)) haha)

the neuron: is made by "sonicworx & prosoniq FX for ASR10/EPS16+" - stephan sprenger.. prosoniq do very very cool neuronal software.. xample?? pandroa: removes the voice from any music.. this is something REALLY DIFFICULT stuff in software engenering.. ever seen some words like "transputer", "neuron net" etc.. thats it!!.. orange vocoer is from prosoniq , too very very good sounding vocoder..

so I would expect prosoniq do very great products!!..

the neuron is a sample/resynthesis unit.. seems something like sonicworx in realtime.. imaging some sort of morphing samples!!.. find more in the pdf on my site and better: on marks !! duzzn't matter ;)

well.. I guess my music project "conseQuence" will have a CLOOOSE look at the hartmann "neuron"..
some info? heres a PDF!!
btw: the first surround-synth, also ;)

again: the hartmann neuron is more like a sampler/resynth

the other neuronium is an analog/digital neuronal FM network that creates multiple resonating circuits... thats completely different stuff...!!!

If you are further interested in these things, I would graciously invite you to test the device. But since you are placed at the other side of this great water (aren't you?), this tends to be a problem:) I'm planing to bring the device to Frankfurt Messe. Will you come there? Today NAMM opens its gates, and it is the first time since 5 years I'm not there but therefore in Frankfurt with full energy.
What I also would like is to cooperate with interesting audio or art projects. If there is the chance to use the resonator in an interesting music production or art performance with my name dropping, we can talk about it.

how does it work?

basic info