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Software for Audio editing - Zum editieren/beschneiden/bearbeiten von Klangmaterial


  • Audacity (freeware, all platforms, had problems in the past - seems to work now on almost any plattform/OS incl. OS X Tiger etc. // and ok we're on Lion now, and Windows 7/8, should work much better - and it's free - no risk -

• Windows:

• Magware - Wavelab LE (Teil von Magazinen hin und wieder)

Sample Editor

today worth $50-80


  • Sound Forge (PC only)
  • Cool Edit (PC only)

will be dead soon?

  • Adobe Audition former Soundbooth (for hobby filmers) (Mac/PC) - only as subsciption - not recommenable anoymore as most of the pro products for that reason. 25€/month - go for one of the above and within 2 month you own the software that you would get here.

no longer

  • Bias Peak MAC - BIas ist pleite / bankrupt - was a big thing for quite a time but too expensive -
  • TC Spark - same - no longer supported for some years



you are searching for a DAW, then..