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  ACE TONE Rhythm Ace FR7L, FR8L Drummachine/Module + simple sequencer by ACETONE

Rhythm Ace FR-7L and FR-8L - at top!
Ace Tone Rhythm  Ace  FR7L, FR8L synthesizerDrummachine/Module
ACETONE Rhythm Ace FR7L - FR8L built in 1968
4 Voices / Stimmen 4x Multitimbral
Memory / Speicher presets info ©
value / Gebrauchtwert 199 in 2005 (rare)
Tech analog drums
subtractive drum hybrid tech: no
Waves 4 drums
4 OSCs 0, Filter info ©
0 LFOs , 0 ENVs info ©
Ctrl/Trig no, 0 Keys repond to AT/VEL no
Arpeggiator no Sequencer simple sequencer
© - do not use this on ebay or site without permission/backlink! no copies/derivates/modification! read disclaimer
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 Organ Set Top Version of the Roland TR-77, or very close to it.

Instruments: Cymbal, Guiro, Snare, Bass 
 Orgel Topteil-Drummachine, sehr ähnlich Roland TR77
 4 instruments, all analogue  4 Instrumente, alle analog
 nice old school electronica nette alte electronik

Rhythm Ace / Ace Tone Rhythm Ace / Ace Tone synthesizer
Rhythm Ace / Ace ToneRhythm Ace / Ace Tone
Rhythm Ace / Ace Tone Drummachines + Roland CR + TR @ synthorama museum, chRhythm Ace / Ace Tone Drummachines + Roland CR + TR

known or written as Roland or Ace, Rhythm Ace

Ikutaro Kakehashi formed Ace Tone before Roland and they produced a lot of drum machines and organs and finally Ace Tone sold the SH3, the first synthesizer - Mr. Kakehasi formed Roland.. it all happened around 1972/73 -

-Rhythm Ace was the Name of pre-Roland Drum Boxes before 1972..

Rolands was founded 1972, after that the names changed to CR and TR (compurhythm and transistor rhythm...)

see more under Roland Drumcomputer Section..

Ace Machines were in the times of organs, so they were often made as a set top box for organs. but sounds very CR'ish!

the CR Drumcomputers were made under the Roland name like CR68 and CR78
Official Int. URL :
Ikutaro Kakehashi gründete vor Roland die Firma Ace, erste Produkte waren Drummachines, Orgeln und sogar der SH3 wurde kurzzeitig unter dem Ace / Ace Tone Label verkauft bis 1972/73
Off. URL (D) :

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