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Atari ST for Sixteen Bit was the first Motorola 68000 Processor equipped Computer with MIDI and therefore it was the second (after the Commodore C64) successful Computer for Music and Sequencing and the second after the MSX Computer CX5M by Yamaha but with a real Desktop with Icons to help no-computer-geeks making music with compurters at that time. today there are emulations available for Mac and PC and even Linux to simulate it and it's old software, most of them also emulate MIDI but take care and check it out..

  • 8 Mhz 68000 with 16 Bit.
  • Mono Graphics was higher resolution but you need another Monitor, so most MIDI Software ran under Monochrome Mode.
  • MIDI in / out
  • special bus for expansions or dongles
  • serial bus which could be easily used as a second MIDI port.
  • 2 button mouse
  • HD: MEgaflie 20-60 with 60MB of memory (wow!)
  • 1040 Model with built in 720KB Disk Drive, there was Single drive also named SF314 for the 512 model (no internal drive)


it was Steinberg 24 and later the first Cubase, which gave us the first real good overview over our song arrangements like it is today on almost any software sequencer. on the other hand there were quite some synth editors and Emagics predecessor: C-Lab Creator / Notator which became Logic later on.