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"Rules" and Formats

  • when you add synthesizers please add a direct link to the synth in the synthDB on the bottom and in the format but try to keep it in format like it is on the synthDB. And Link to the Manufacturer or other Wikiwords like Filter or Oscillator etc. by clicking on "Ab" (or just add 2 brackets - on the mac it's shift 5, same thing)
  • Manufacturer Synthesizername / Model
  • example: Doepfer A100 Modularsystem

- here doepfer is a "wikiword" which can be found here in the Wiki, and you can highlight all Words like Filter or VCO like this for others and it becomes a link to the article automatically, if there is non it will be red and listed under "wanted words", see special pages. if you want to learn about formating just click "edit" and just check how the formating works.

  • List Modular Modules under their full names and Link Wikiwords in their singugular form (so it's computer bracketet without the s.. like this computers, synthesizers, because there is no link/article to the pluralized words and please keep it ONE article on one theme..
  • every article has a discussion section, so if you want to discuss things and want a new category for something just ask in a discussion and respect others by ADDING the text not deleting things exept if they are wrong.


  • you can get a Login if you send me a message on the Synthesizerforum and tell me your Email and Nickname, I will enable an account and send you the password.


  • This site has a nice RSS Feed to keep up with the most rececnt changes on this SynthWiki (See the orange Symbol behin the URL in Firefox etc).