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Curtis Analogue Synthesis Chips

CEM = Curtis Electromusic Specialities - s special analogue small scale chip. by Doug Curtis (died 1/2007)

after the death of DC there are a number of clones available by ALFA and Behringer/Music Tribe under the brand of "Cool Audio". There is also: "Sound Semiconductor" OnChip - is the last one remaining after SSM/Curtis as the old one - strangly. atm it is easy to pick up one of the first 3 right now - ALFA has them for about 7€ per item which makes it totally possibly to make analog (poly)synths again in 2018 and later.

where to get CEMs

- USA : (MOTM)

- Paul Schreiber is the current stock-piler of all things CEM/SSM, and he has a list on his site about what's where:

- Germany : Micon Chip Distribution,

- Dave Smith has a special amount of CEMs for the Evolver series (new ones) but its unique and a special deal... so he will not sell them

Curtis Chips List

  • CEM3310 ENV ADSR
  • CEM3312 ADSR + VCA
  • CEM3318 ADSR but microprocessor controlled
  • CEM3320 24dB/Oct. Filter (multi)
  • CEM3328 same but LPF only
  • CEM3330 exp/lin VCA
  • CEM3335 exp VCA
  • CEM3340 VCO (Saw,Tri,Pulse)
  • CEM3345 VCO (Saw,Tri,Pulse) with comparator
  • CEM3350 12dB/oct Multimode Filter x2 (no notch)
  • CEM3360 VCA x2
  • CEM3365 DAC
  • CEM3371 Envelope x2
  • CEM3372 24dB/oct. Filter, Mix, VCA
  • CEM3374 VCO x2 (PWMable Pulse, Tri, Saw)
  • CEM3378 24dB/oct. Filter, Mix, VCA but microprocessor controlled
  • CEM3379 24dB/oct. Filter, Mix, VCA but microprocessor controlled
  • CEM3381 VCA x2 linear
  • CEM3382 VCA x2 log.
  • CEM3385 24dB/oct Filter (LoFi)
  • CEM3387 signal processor 3-4 pole cascade Filter, VC Pan/VCA
  • CEM3389 signal processor 4 pole Filter, VC resonance, VC Pan/VCA
  • CEM3391 Microprocessor Ctrld: VCF,VCA,Env (ADSR)
  • CEM3394 Microprocessor Ctrld: 1 Synth Voice: VCF,VCA,Env (ADSR),VCMix
  • CEM3396 Microprocessor Ctrld: Wave-Shaper x2 - VCF,VCA
  • PA381 VCA (low noise)
  • PA382 VCA (low noise)
  • PD508 S/H (8x)
  • 5508 predecessor of PD508 same function
  • 5530 30ch multiplex sample&hold (Prophet VS)

In what Synths?

-> Chips in Synthesizers

at least these synths contain CEMs

• Dave Smith Instruments: Evolver, P08 • Roland Jupiter8 • Akai: AX80, AX60 • Banana: Polysynth • Cheetah: MS6 • Crumar: Spirit, Bit01, Trilogy • Elka: Synthex • Ensoniq: ESQ1, SQ80, Mirage, • Fairlight: CMIII • KeyTek: CTS2000 • Korg: MonoPoly, Polysix, Poly61 • Linn: Linndrum • Moog: MemoryMoog • Oberheim: OBXa, OBSX, OB8, Xpander, Matrix12, Matrix6, Matrix1000 • PAiA: Proteus • PPG: Wave 2.0, Wave 2.2, Wave 2.3 • Rhodes: Chroma, Polaris • Roland: Jupiter6, Jupiter8, MKS80, SH101, MC202, MKS20 • Sequential Circuits: Prophet5 (Rev: 3), Prophet10, 600, 2000, 3000; T8, Pro1, Sixtrak, MAX Studio 440, VS • Simmons Drums: SDS8, SDS9, SDS800, SDS1000 • Steiner: EVI • Synton: Synrix • Waldorf: Wave, Microwave

List of CEM in Synths [1]