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Korg Electribe - Series of Grooveboxes..

Get a List of all current Electribes [1]

Electribe Info

Korg ELECTRIBE SERIES die bisherigen electribes - the current electribes are:

   * er1 mkII re-released 64step variations in a new case like x-machines (sx/mx).successor of er1 - no rolls/flam. (brown)
   * ea1 mkII re-released 64step variations in a new case like x-machines (sx/mx).successor of ea1 - (no roll) - green
   * es1 mkII re-released 64step variations in a new case like x-machines (sx/mx).successor of es1 - (flam/roll incl.) - silver
     NOTE mk2 models:
     the only difference of the mk2 models is the new case and knobs.. technically it's the same as the older ones.. the wah FX is replaced by mod delay and on the r mk2 ringmod is replaced by crossmod.
   * es1 - Electribe S - sampler (with roll function) - green
   * er1 - Electribe R - VA drum synthesizer (no roll) - red
   * em1 -Electribe M - Rompler and 2 monophonic melodic sequences (with roll) - black
   * ea1 - Electribe A - the VA synthesizer with 2 melodic sequencer (but no accents, no roll/flam) - blue
   * emx1-Electribe MX - Rompler, 5 monophonic melodic sequences (with roll), 128 steps,synthesizer, 3 FX
   * esx1- Electribe SX - the SAMPLER - 2 melodic tracks, 2 for loops, 1 slicer (like the old s), similar to mx features but expanded memory and tubes,too.. reads old es1 files: samples/patterns but only ONE at once!!! the x-tribes (mx,sx) can write to card that can be edited by a pc or mac / same format but no folders. the new tribe sx also allows real names,but they are shortened to less chars ,anyway you can upload it.. ;)
   * those electribe models will be called by their short name means: esx1 = just sx and the es1 is just the "s"..
     there is no difference between emx,mx,emx1 and mx1 its all the new one with valves, same with the other tribes: the es1 is the same as s , s1 or something means the old sampling electribe, if an X is in it's the new one ;).. 

Difference first and X Series of Electribes

the smaller tribes all have things in common: they all have 4 measures (64steps = 16x4)), the big ones (MX,SX) have 8 (128steps=16x8). the X/big ones also have 3 FX busses and more synthesis features and Standard Controllers whilst the smaller ones use NRPN Controllers (csacaded controllers, can be recorded but hard to edit). also the big ones can write a pattern while playing and will save the pattern with the current MUTE settings. the smaller ones can be edited while playing, too but to store the pattern you need to stop the machine, the mutes are always ignored, so you need to mute it all with quick fingers when going to another pattern on the smaller ones.. ah, the big ones got the valves in it.. but you can only use them on master out.. anyway the big ones got a better routing and 4 outs (instead of just 2)

the mk2 tribes offer almost the same exept the mod delay replaces the wah effect and on the r mk2 crossmodulation replaces ringmod.

the sample tribes: the tribe S / ES / ES1 (or the mk2 version which is the same but with nicer metal case and silver instead of green): all work with 4MB of ram and 32khz, the ESX has a real filter with envelope and resonance, you can set the start point and have the LFO for mod purpose and 44.1khz sample rate! and of course much ore RAM: 25MB and more memories (256 instead of 99 on the es1) the es and sx are the only SAMPLE based tribes! there are rom based samples in the MX and M ! but you can not use your own samples here.. the mx is a synthesizer, a bit like a smaller version of the korg prophecy.. ;) means: you got FM (PD) kind of models along with sync or even chords.. but you only got very few parameters that get to live using the motion recording / lfos etc..

the first smaller tribes (EA and ER) do not provide velocity control ,you need to record the level with motion record!! there is no accent! and no roll/flam (thats the korg word for retriggering a sound within the 16step grid with double or more speed .. for snare roll/flam and dnb kind of stuff or autechre like hihat clounds.. ;))

melodies: can only be made with the melody tracks on tribes a,m,mx,sx,a mk2.. if you want it to control midi gear you need them! if you do not need to control external synths you can just record the pitch on an ES1,r,r mk2 and play "melodies" with the drumparts!! no problem! but it will trigger the same midi note..!! the drum parts can also be used for this!! so you can also "play melodies" on any tribe but it will still send only ONE note pitch via midi because the pitch is stored and controlled via "motion control" .. you can reacord midi keyboard played notes or use the step keys as a keyboard or use the step mode..

Electribe MX deutsch

Electribe MX Kommentar Moogulator "Meinung" „Besserer Klang und konkurrenzlos livetauglich!“

Die MX hat einen deutlichen Schub an Fülle und Druck bekommen. 44.1kHz bringen nun auch die Drumsounds nach vorn. Neben den älteren Tribes klingt sie nun druckreich und voll. Im Livebetrieb ist der Umgang mit den 3 Effekten zunächst lernbedürftig, da bei den alten Modellen ein BPM-Delay am Ausgang immer zur Stelle war, muss man dies nun selber Organisieren. Das Routing und Umgang mit den Effektbussen, einmal gelernt, bietet dann aber wesentlich besserere und gezieltere Ergebnisse. Zur Zeit ist die Electribe MX die einzige, die auch während des laufenden Betriebs Lauflicht, bzw. Realtimeänderungen zulässt und diese auch, ohne stoppen, abspeicherbar sind. Die Synthesizersektion und die Filter bieten genug, um ein Drum’n’Bass Track komplett umzusetzen. Bandpassbässe setzen sich im Club gut durch. Da nun auch normale Controller genutzt werden können, ist sie auch einfacher im Handling. Die MX hat mit der Neufassung komplett gewonnen. Ich hätte mir nur gewünscht, die Röhren ebenfalls gezielt pro Sound routen zu können und nicht nur als „Mastereffekt“. Ansonsten ist es DIE Maschine für die Bühne. Der Arpeggiator ist daran auch nicht unschuldig.. but back to the mx, that is basically the same hardware

X tribes and Valves

BTW: 2 ECC 83 by R*F*T (german valves) do the electro harmonix valves made in russia.. may sound nicer..korg electribe mx it has 2 indiv. outs the arp'er can be controlled via ribbon and slider: add more or less notes and the way it reacts with them! ext. signals can run through FX,used as osc or filters. patterns can be saved while play! 3 FX sections (serial/parallel) 4 filter types incl resonance, lfo (bom synchable), valve sound - röhrensound/zerrung 8 takte/measures = 128 steps machbar/able. FX wählbar pro pad (wie auch bisher) aber accent und swing pro part abschaltbar!!) you can switch off accent or swing PER PAD!! auto bpm sync to external signals! midi clockable lfo can be assigned to multiple destinations 207 drum and lead sounds as pcm, but no samples reso filters for those 5 monophonic tracks, but you can use a so called unison osc to simulate chords! the ribbon generates notes, the slider allowes some "jamming".. this can be used to generate slow or very fast notes (drums or melodic) so this is some kind of arpeggiator and event generator.. not bad for breaks.

Korg Electribe Infos