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well, beside those synths, that have their own section here on the site, there are still very exotic synths out there, why? it's because there are not many built because they are very expensive or very "far out"..? first a simple list, later some edits.. please not: not too much words about those, that are already in the manufacturers list on the main page - and: of course I do not have the copyriths or pics of any of these.. this site does NOT steal pics, so.. lets just list some..

  • Synergy by GDS / Crumar

  • Dewtron Synthesizer - Project X - Apollo A1 looks like an EMS with Keyboard? thats the 10-turns-knobs for the OSCs..

- it has a switch matrix on the right section of it's panel. they are also built like "lego" to be able to expand the system.. made in 1973. the 14x12 switches and the system itself were offered for 1000 British Pounds - on the right of this image you can see the Gipsy - it was available for 150 Pounds (same time around 73) it also has those "Vernier" knobs like the EMS and 2 VCOs with one LFO (instead of 3 VCOS where VCO3 works as a modulation source).. it has ringmodulation, spring reverb (built in) - AD envelope.

  • Adaptive Systems, Inc. (ASI) - Synthia - quite Hi-End digital from 1982 with 4 Joysticks

also Hi-priced - info in vintage synthesizers by Mark Vail

  • Con Brio , same here.. very Space-Ship kind of Synth, a nice pic shown in the pack rat comics in fact its name was ads200, was also a very early PD synth (like casio did some years later in 85) info in vintage synthesizers by Mark Vail

  • RMI (Rocky Mount Instr.) - the Keyboard Compuzter - also digital very early additive synthesizer which was more a real time changer close to the "organ" concept, but it also had synth functions to mix additive waves and chance the sound in real time.. one nice text and photo can be found in synthesizer von gestern, germany, m.becker.

  • RCA / CBS - well possibly the real first synthesizer ever , see the history section. it already had filters, envelopes and was controlled by "programs".. mid 55ies by H.Olson

  • TONTO - no real extra synth, just a famous set of moog rakcs and more, shown in a movie in which no synth sounds where used. I only saw the last part of this movie ,so I do not even know the name .. more later.. but worth to look at..

  • Paia - very DIY oriented by Craig Anderton.

  • LL Electronic / Rozzbox - has a menu section here.. it's a simple synth for 250€ by a one man show (Kilian L.) - see the menu

  • Firstman - see the pics in the moogulatorium II, it's a sequencer with a simple synth, close to 303 structure, fat but different sound (no clone , just to compare it..)

  • Technos - additive Synthesizer which analyses the sound an RE-synthesizes the sound algorithmically, has a LED touch panel to "draw" sounds - also expensive.. canada based afaik

  • univox- early korg name , see korg...
  • tonus - early arp name , see ARP

  • Rhodes - bought ARP and released the Polaris and Chroma, today more known for the electromechnical stage version of a piano ;) (you know.. rhodes mk2..)

more to come.. some mentioned in the forum and here on the site elsewhere..I missed out a lot so far, will add them over time..

  • Ionic Performer, looks a bit like an EMS Keyboard, very interesting.. the coolest site with interesting music is this one

only one envelope, 3 VCOs , matrix, ringmod, noise , 3 VCAs, 3 shaper, reverb, 5 waveforms (vco), 2x speakers, and US made in 1972, since it has those vernier pots (not endless, but about 10 turns) like the EMS had.. it went for 1880 (us$) recently (oct 2005).. so it is "highly collectable" for everyone who prefer collecting.. please make some music and put it on your page, then..!

  • no fake but not "real": VCS2 Segment Wave Synthesizer, well.. did not go into productions.. find it here