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Fast Envelopes in Syntheiszer - Schnelle Hüllkurven in Syntheiszern

Fastest Envelope Generators

basics behind really fast envelopes could be: exponential VCAs and different slopes in the ENV stages - my definition for fast envelopes is: it's around 1msecs

  • Moog Modular , Minimoog, etc. (to my ears one of the nicest and ultrafast ZAPPing Envs ever made, maybe because of it's behaviour from max. level to sustain.. somekind of "hold" and fall sounding very snappy!)
  • a new very very fast Envelope Machine is here: The Cwejman S1 from Sweden.

it has very scalable fast envs with 0.5ms response time. sorry, this one kicks! should kick of almost any other analogue synth I know atm.

  • System & SH-series by Roland with nice snappy envelopes, too.. but note: those AR Type ENVs of ARP Odyssey or Roland SH5 and other models never sound "fast" for other reasons.. if you want it snappy, you need at least AD-Envelopes or better (ADSR is fine, even AHD since a lot of hold is responsible for Moogs "zap"iness)..
  • Andromeda A6 set to ultra fast in the "engine optimizer"
  • Technosaurus Modular System provides very nice snappy envelopes!
  • Clavias Synthesizers are quite fast, but it sounds "digital fastness" (same for a6)
  • quite nice: Waldorf Q / µQ Envelopes.. same thing about digital envs, you can still hear it is different.. but not bad..
  • not on top of everything but interesting are those env's in Yamahas FM synthesizers, especially TG and DX series..

links: but do not take this too serious, the jx10 1ms? I did not have the impression of ultra-fastness on the jx8p, jx10 ;)