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Manikin, Berlin, Germany

Makers of Schrittmacher Sequencer and the digital Mellotron named Memotron.

The makers of the electronic instruments are actually named Thorsten Feuerherdt & Markus Horn GbR and have a trade name called Manikin Electronic. Because of the nature of a GbR based company (run by private persons with unlimeted liability), there is no registered company name.

The CD label is run by Mario Schönwälder and is named Manikin Records.

From the legal point of view, these two companies only share their brand name "Manikin" only. They should not be mixed up.

Irgendwo auch der Berliner Schule auch Neue Berliner Schule angehörig..

-> Manikin Records haben div. Material von EM Musikern im Programm.